It is finally summer break, and students are looking forward to a smooth holiday experience. However, with all the excitement, they get summer homework. Is it worth it? Will the summer holiday homework improve the overall student performance? Will such homework have an impact on the student’s life? Keep reading as we unleash facts about summer holiday homework.

Debates over summer vacation homework

Should students have summer homework? This question will always have mixed reactions and perspectives. There are advantages side to doing homework over the holidays, and there are disadvantages as well.

Should schools give summer homework?

In one way, homework is a way of helping students revise their work and understand given concepts better. On the same note, too much homework denies students moments to socialize and do other related activities and take part in hobbies they love.

Top advantages of summer holiday homework

As much as homework takes up some of the student’s time during the holiday, getting effective tips on how to complete holiday homework fast is a perfect plan to enable students to have extra time to focus on other activities and hobbies. Nonetheless, the following are the top advantages of doing summer vacation homework.

  • Help students keep learning

Learning is a skill that requires consistency. The more a student keeps learning, the more they improve their overall skills. Giving students summer homework is a perfect plan to keep them in touch with the books so that by the time they are re-opening the school, they don’t feel like starting something new.

  • Family support

Over the holiday, you have friends and family around who will offer complete support while doing your homework. As you get guidance from the family, you understand the concept easily and better, and this improves your academic score in a way. Also, getting family support while doing homework is a motivating factor as you will feel the love and the urge to keep studying up to higher heights.

  • Fosters independence

Doing homework over the summer holidays is the best way students get to learn how to be independent since they will learn how to plan their time effectively to balance homework and other activities. This is a significant skill even after school life. Apart from fostering independence, students also learn time management skills that will help them in the future when employed.

  • Enables students to spend their time well

Over summer holidays, students usually have plenty of time, and without proper discipline, they can end up involving themselves in activities that aren’t productive but harmful in a way.

  • Gives students a chance to improve on their weak area

While school learning is significant, doing homework over the summer holiday helps students indulge in more research. While researching, students can spare extra time to work on improving the subjects they are weak on.

Cons of summer homework: why summer homework is bad

As much as summer homework help students in several aspects, it also impacts students’ life negatively. So, if you have been wondering why summer homework is bad, below are some of the reasons:

  • Causes stress

A holiday is meant to give students adequate time to relax. However, with summer homework, students need to keep up with the books despite coming from school. The stress comes in when students have pressure to finish the assignment before the deadline reaches.

  • Students don’t explore their talent

It is during the summer holiday that students explore different activities. Some even engage in activities that help improve their talents, such as singing and sporting, among many others. However, with homework, students can barely get an opportunity to explore and discover such talents.


Have you ever done a summer holiday before? How was the experience? Did it impact your academic performance? Well, the summer holiday is an effective way of strengthening the understanding levels of students. However, when assigning such homework, it is significant that the homework is manageable since students also need time away from books.

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