While joining college, students often experience mixed reactions. At first, it sounds like an exciting experience. However, with time, the students start experiencing pressure as a result of balancing academic life and other social activities. Above all, issues with finances always impact students’ life, especially when they cannot meet basic requirements such as food and other necessities. However, the good news is that despite all these challenges, students can overcome them by using simple strategies and experiencing a smooth life in college. So, are you ready to explore ideas on how to enjoy college life? Keep reading.

Why is mental health important for college students?

When, as a student you begin wondering, why am i not happy in college? It is high time you seek professional help since you may be undergoing some pressure, and it is affecting you mentally.

Mental health involves the emotional state of a person and how they approach different matters. Several pieces of research have proven that college students are highly affected by the surrounding issues, and this ends up affecting their mental stability. When college students face mental issues, they undergo issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. That is why it is essential to offer mental health for college students to avoid such extreme issues.

Pro tips on how to enjoy college life

  1. Make good friends

One of the best ways how to be happy in college is by making good friends with positive goals and positive energies. Sometimes, things will be tough while in college, or you will want to celebrate a milestone after achieving your target. Such are the best moments in college to celebrate with friends as you feel elevated. Again, tough times require a confidant you can talk to, and that is where good friends come in.

  1. Have fun

When quizzed, what did you enjoy most about your college life? What will you say? Staying up in the dorm and in the books all day long? Well, this isn’t a perfect plan for college life. Once in a while, put books aside, take time, and enjoy attending parties and events as a way of learning other things apart from academics.

  1. Exercise

One of my college life experience that made me happy was exercising. Whatever activity you love, go for it. Even if the exams are almost due, it doesn’t mean you stay up in books always. Go to the gym or field and run or engage in any sports activity you prefer. This is one best ways of re-energizing your body while refreshing your mind for fresh ideas.

  1. Sleep

As you step into college, it doesn’t imply that all the focus should be on books. Sleep is vital for every individual, and while in college, create a schedule with enough time to rest and relax the mind.

  1. Eat well

Eating well while in college is among the ways to improve concentration and stay motivated to move to the next activity or class. All these activities require new energy levels.

  1. Clean your room

A clean environment is enough motivation to stay in college and enjoy college life as you study. Also, remember to keep the room neat by arranging things in perfect spaces.

  1. Keep in touch with family and friends

Going to college doesn’t mean you remember your family and friends when coming back from school. Find means and ways to stay connected with them always. Remember there are moments when you will need some financial help, and such are the people that will help you out.

  1. Set goals

While in college, you need to have goals that keep pushing you to do your best.

  1. Manage time well

Ensure you have a schedule of what to do at a particular time to avoid inconveniences that will stimulate stress.

  1. Be yourself!

Avoid embracing characters or lifestyles that you aren’t used to just to fit into the system. Being yourself brings a lot of joy, and you will enjoy college life.


Students always look forward to joining college life. However, as you plan to enroll to a college, do things that will make your college life worth every moment.

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