What To Do When You Are Lacking Motivation

October 10, 2014

Motivation – the general desire or willingness to do something.

When it comes to fitness, sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. I know a lot of people struggle with this at times, and I am constantly seeing people ask others “how do you stay motivated”?

First of all, not being motivated at times is NORMAL. I mean really, we’re all human. At times all you want to do is sit on the couch, watch TV, and spoon peanut butter out of the jar… just me? Oh… šŸ˜‰


Anyway, the important thing aboutĀ motivation is theĀ desire to do something. Day in and day out if you are dreading your workouts or eating the food you have planned (or not), then something isn’t right.

Motivation comes from within. You must WANT something, and want to do something to have that internal motivation. For example, this competition prep I have had my ups and downs. Sometimes I dread doing my cardio.. sometimes I do NOT want to go to the gym, etc. BUT overall, I have enjoyed the entire process. I have went enthusiastically, loved everything I have been eating, and everything else.

Some things to take a deeper look at if you are constantly un-motivated:

  1. Do you enjoy the type of exercise you are doing?
    • This one is huge. If you HATE doing a certain type of exercise, why are you doing it? Lets say you absolutely hate running.. are you going to sign up to do a marathon? No, probably not. So when it comes to your daily exercise, you need to find something you actually enjoy.
  2. Are you doing the same thing over and over?
    • Lets say you are on a lifting plan/program.. if you are doing the same exercises day in and day out, every week, yes it will get super boring. Switching it up is just as important as finding something you enjoy. A well-rounded workout program is a great way to spice things up.
    • Try something new! Crossfit, yoga, zumba, spinning, whatever. Keeping your body and mind guessing is a way to spice things up. Who knows, you may find your new favorite exercise.
  3. Do you have a plan?
    • On the other hand, maybe you don’t really have a structure. I know some people are better with having structure, like myself – I love having a plan. Maybe find a trainer, or write out your full week of workouts so it takesĀ the thinking out of it.
    • Think about it, if you have an appointment, you’re likely to show up. If you just say, “oh, I’ll go don’t worry”, more than likely you’ll find a reason why you can’t go when the time comes.
  4. Set a goal.
    • This is similar to a plan, but make it more specific – you need a plan to reach a goal. Think of something you want to accomplish. Do you want to do 5 pull-ups? Do you want to compete in a powerlifting meet? Do you want to do a bikini competition? Want to run a mile? Want to hit a certain yoga pose? Any type of goal can motivate you do keep working towards it. Nothing is more rewarding than working for one and finally reaching it!
  5. Maybe you need a break.
    • When was the last time you took time off from the gym? Working out doesn’t have to mean killing yourself. I know you probably see “NO DAYS OFF!!!” all over social media, but you need days off. Rest days are just as important. If you are suffering in the gym, have no motivation, strength has gone down, etc. you need some rest.
    • You can implement more rest days into your training. 2-3 rest days are fine and normal. OR maybe you need an entire week off to deload. It’s okay, rest up. You will feel amazing after that, and your body will thank you.
  6. Just do it.
    • On the days where you just don’t feel like working out and none of the above really applies, just do it. Lace up your shoes, get to the gym, and just GO. If you are just being lazy one day (it happens), getting up and getting to the gym or outside to run or whatever it is, is the best way to get into the groove. I swear, sometimes the days I’m lacking motivation, I get into the gym and have the BEST workout.
    • Think about how you feel afterwards. It’s cliche, but you really never regret a workout!


Do you lack motivation sometimes?

Do you like having a plan, or goingĀ with the flow?

    1. Sometimes my spark goes out for a while. So, I’ll buy a program from another trainer and set a goal with him/her so that I don’t have to do the thinking for myself since I’m busy thinking for my clients :). Great post!

      1. Make sure you take your rest days girl! Super important, even if you don’t want to šŸ˜‰

    1. For a few weeks now I’m lacking motivation. I don’t work out as regularly anymore and don’t plan my workouts ahead of time anymore. I’m kinda ok with it. But on the other hand something in my head tells me I should start getting more focused again. Not sure yet which path I should go. Maybe I’ll start by placing a week of workouts again and keep with it. If it doesn’t make me happy maybe I have to think about another kind of workout.

      1. Yesss it’s definitely hard to balance that sometimes!

    1. Love this! I can definitely lack in motivation, especially when it comes to health/fitness…I think because I just don’t care about it that much, haha. BUT right now #3 and #4 are the most applicable because I decided to make a plan and set a goal by doing Whole30! The thought of achieving something difficult is what is my motivating factor so far. Check back with me and see how I feel about that in a few days though, haha.

      1. Ahhh good luck girl! Excited to see how you like it! haha

    1. Great tips! I agree with them all. I know from personal experience what a big mistake it is to try exercises or classes which you dislike! Also, many people disregard the importance of resting, which is why so many people suffer from injuries and other health problems as a result of over-training! Thank you for this post!

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