What Food I’ve Been Eating and Loving Lately

June 24, 2015

We all love food, am I right? RIGHT. How about we take a look at what I’ve been eating lately? It’s more of a conglomeration of food I’ve been eating in the past couple of weeks, not in one day.



Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.42.23 AM

Omelet variations! Normall I just do veggies and feta/goat cheese, but throwing black beans and mexican cheese was a good switch up. Topped with salsa, delicious.


Fruit, but more specifically, MANGOES. I’m obsessed, they are so good.


These little pints of heaven. Arctic zero sent me their chunky pints.. SO GOOD. So much better than their non-chunky flavors. I’m a sucker for stuff with chunks or crunch.


That cookie dough though.. my favorite flavor, for sure.


Also, if you drizzle this on top of ice cream, it becomes a hard shell. DO IT!



Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 7.11.08 AM


Some sort of tuna melt! I was craaaving it yesterday, so I did toast, reduced guilt guacamole (trader joes), tuna mixed with hummus, topped with cheese (melted) and then salsa!


This isn’t a food per say, but I just have to share. Slap, my sponsor, came out with pumpkin spice pre-workout. GUYS. So good. (LESSER 10% off, just sayin 😉

      1. I’ve actually been using my real camera haha!

    1. 1. I need to move to the US. 2. I need to convince Arctic Zero to send me their ice creams, too 😉 . Not like I was opposed to regular ice cream but I’m really curious about these. Also because of the flavours because you won’t find these in stores over here. Those coconut butters sound way too good to be true, too. You have good taste, girl!

    1. In love with everything you mentioned! Mangos, ice cream, nut butter… I really want some of the coconut you posted, everyones been raving about it :).

    1. Ahhh I was legit just telling Danny yesterday that I was craving a tuna melt…need to make that happen today. So good. I have never tried arctic zero because I tend to just get Ben & Jerry’s and think low calories ice cream would not taste good…but the one with cookie dough actually sounds bomb.

      1. tuna melts are the best. for sure real ice cream over anything! but you can’t beat the volume haha

    1. I’ve heard the chunky ones are good. I think it would be more of a snack for me (although their chunky ones do have more calories!). I’m trying to figure out what I’m craving for dinner right now and this is not helping LOL.

      1. it’s for sure just a snack lol! not filling but it’s goood!!

    1. The second Arctic Zero makes a VEGAN and SUGAR FREE variety, I am ALL over thattt!!! But maybe they shouldn’t because I may gain 10 pounds – LOL!

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