April 13, 2014

Well, it’s official..



I’m going to San Francisco!!! I literally haven’t been on a legit vacation in about 5 years. That’s sad, because I LOVE traveling, and I think everyone should do it more often. Now, if only I had a money tree… But really, I have such a strong urge to travel the world.

I traveled to Southern California about 5years ago, and that is when I fell madly in love with the state, and vowed that I would be back to explore the north. And move there, but that isn’t happening just yet 😉

Heck yes I’ll be such a tourist, but I’m allowed. I do what I want. And of course I’ll be blogging about it all!

Some must-do’s while I’m there will include…

golden gate



See the golden gate, of course.

full house



See the site of full house hahaha. I’m such a nerd.

night life



Experience the night life. Partayyyyy!




Ride the cable car. How can you not, come onnnn.




Go wine tasting in Sonoma or Napa Valley. This has been on my bucket list forever!




Visit local restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I’ve heard San Fran is a huge foodie city with tons of local, organic restaurants. Right up my alley!

And what I’m most excited for…




Visiting Yosemite National Park. Oh my goodness, so beautiful. This has been on my bucket list forever as well. Can you tell I’m excited?

Now, who has been there, lives there, and has tips for me! Where should I go? Must do? Restaurants?

Have you ever been to Northern Cali?

Do you love to Travel?


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    1. Yay!! SO exciting!!
      I’ve been to San Diego for 3 months….wait….in 1998 🙂 Yes, I am THAT old 🙂
      I absolutely love it and funny enough I am planning a 2 month trip there for next year. Traveliing is the best! I saw a lot, also since I was a Flight Attendant and cause it’s very easy for us Swiss to travel around. It’s the BEST thing to spend money on!
      Ok, cute workout clothes and wine is a good investment as well, lol.

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