Upper Body Pump Workout

August 7, 2015

Lately I’ve been switching up my split pretty much every week. I’m finally able to work legs again, so I’m definitely happy I can incorporate them back in! As for my upper body, it’s always some sort of push/pull split. Since my best friend has been in town for a couple of weeks, we got a lift in!

You can watch the entire workout here:

Basically we did an “upper pump” day, which is focused more on hypertrophy rather than strength. Hypertrophy is basically anything from 6-12 reps, and by definition means the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells. 

When programming, you want to have a mix of strength (1-5 reps) and hypertrophy, which I explained above. This allows you to reap the benefits of both!

Here is a breakdown of the exercises we did:

  • Shoulder mobility warm-up                 {3X15}
  • Bent over underhand barbell row       {4X10}
  • Overhead dumbbell press                     {4X8}
  • Shoulder raise; side to front                 {4X12}
    • For these, do a lateral raise, straight into front raise, back into a lateral raise, and down. This is 1 rep!
  • Bent over dumbbell row                        {3X12} each arm
  • Upright Row                                             {3X12}
    • Superset w/ front raise                {3X12}

Then we finished with HIIT on the stair master:

  • 5 minute warm-up
  • 20 sec all out sprint
  • 2:40 rest/slow
  • Repeat 8 times
  • 5 minute cool-down


Let me know if you try it! 🙂

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