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Traveling While On Prep + Some Meals

July 29, 2014

Phew. Blogging has seriously been put on the back burner lately, and I’m not too happy about it! I was working two jobs and over 45 hours a week, but I ended my morning job on Friday, so I’m hoping I’ll have more time to blog now!

I want to keep updating about my prep, mostly for myself to look back on, but also because I want to show others that you can prep in a healthy way. I also want to share what exactly goes into a prep for those interested, as well as girls who may be interested in competing.

I’m showing more details of my days on my youtube channel, so check it out if you’re interested!

So far, everything is going smoothly and I feel great! I am carb cycling, but it’s nothing too crazy. High carb days are on leg days, and low carb days are on the other days. I’m lifting heavy 5 times a week, and my workouts only take me 40-60 min depending on the business of the gym. Only 2 HIIT cardio sessions a week, that include only 12 sprints, and also includes a warm-up and cool-down, so it will last 28-33 minutes tops. No fasted workouts. No two-a-days. Heck yes.

Here’s a peek into some food I’ve eaten lately.


Lactaid cottage cheese with blueberries and cashews.


Flat out wrap with veggies, eggs, avocado, and ketchup.


Veggie omelet with avocado.


Omelet with an avocado quesadilla.. mmm.


Homemade blueberry protein waffles as a pre-workout.



I also traveled to Orlando for a night to meet up with my brother and give him a cat (yes, seriously). Random, I know. But it was good seeing the fam and we saw cirque du soleil! I loved it.

I did pack some meals and food, but I was also able to eat out that night and I fit the food in my macros. The beauty of flexible dieting.




Sure, this is my first time prepping for a competition, but I’ve done a LOT of research before getting myself into this. I fill my diet with 90% of real, whole foods. That’s what I love to eat – it makes me feel good, and makes my tummy happy.

But I also like to have the flexibility of fitting things in that I’m craving, or things that may not be considered 100% “clean”.

I was able to go out to eat while on prep, without bringing my own food to the restaurant. I’ve heard of people doing that.. I would feel crazy haha.

Prep actually seems pretty easy to me so far, and I do believe it has to do with following a flexible approach. I know it’ll just get a heck of a lot harder, but I’m ready and my motivation is at an all time high.


Have you ever seen cirque du soleil?

What is the best thing you have eaten lately?




    1. Love your approach!!
      It wouldn’t be allowed to bring food in a restaurant here in Switzerland. And I would never do that anyway, I would feel SO awkward and a bit rude too.

      1. You can’t eat them?! I’M SORRY. I love them haha

    1. You have the most beautiful and photogenic tupplife EVER. Oh and your face is pretty damn beautiful too.

      I cannot wait for you to compete; you’re going to light that stage on FIYA sista!

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