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Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

July 6, 2015

I loooooove Trader Joes. I practically jumped with joy when they started opening them up all around Florida! We went so long without any trader joes within the entire state. Now I have one a few minutes away from my house, and I am so happy about that. I don’t go too often, but it’s always fun when I do!

I enjoy seeing what other people buy, and I try to get something different each time so I figured I’d share this weeks haul.


These are AMAZING! The macros are good, minimal ingredients, easy to make, and absolutely delicious. Will definitely be buying them very often.







Saw this bread and decided to try it out! Mostly because you can use 3 slices for french toast 😉


They’re a little small, but that was expected.


I used to eat artichokes all the time, and the heart is the best part. It’s kind of a pain to get to the center though, so I was super happy to find these!


Sweet dressings are either hit or miss for me, and this was definitely a hit. So delicious!


This is so lazy of me, but I loathe peeling hard-boiled eggs myself. I like these for quick breakfasts or when I don’t feel like actually cooking eggs.


I’m obsessed with mango lately, and pineapple is always a favorite. I also have been wanting to try papaya, so this was the perfect mix. A little pricey, but apparently I was feeling lazy this entire grocery trip.


I usually don’t love broccoli slaw, but you can’t beat the volume. I like it with stir fries the best!


Peppers are awesome either in eggs, sautéed by themselves, or I prepped these ahead of time so I could dip them in hummus.

And that’s it! Not a huge haul this week, but just enough to fill the cracks until I needed to go the store again (I’m there way too often).


Favorite Trader Joe’s product?

How often are you in the grocery store?

    1. I like artichoke hearts a lot. I’ll grill salmon or mahi mahi burgers, just because I’m not a fan of regular burgers. They are good. I like artichoke hearts as well.

      I’m at the grocery store probably twice a week. I think it depends on what I forget the first trip though.

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I love Trader Joe’s! I like their Veggie Burgers, Whole Wheat Everything Bagel Things, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Chocolate Biscotti, and their Turkey Meatballs are the with Zoodles and their 3 Cheese Sauce. YUM. I feel like their produce is hit or miss – their apples are THE BEST – but I’ve found the other produce goes bad quickly, so I usually hit up a local, family owned grocer for cheap produce for salads and sides, and then I like TJ’s for the other things mentioned here. I also just got their Orange Chicken to try – I haven’t had it yet, so not sure if it’s good. A little high on the calorie side (380 for 1 cup of chicken, but I figure I don’t have to eat the entire thing ;-).)


    1. I absolutely could not live without going to Trader Joe’s at least twice a month! Those hard boiled eggs are THE BEST, aren’t they? I’m super lazy when it comes to hard boiling eggs too especially since I can never seem to get them to peel right. I like to just microwave the broccoli slaw until tender and eat them as a salad with tuna or salmon on top. Another favorite item for me is TJ’s Super Greens Mix. They’re cheaper than Fresh Express Baby Kale Mix but have the same greens.

    1. Wow those mahi mani burgers look great, have to check them out! I am also a huge fan of the artichokes, they are just too good. LOLing hard at the boiled eggs, while they would save me a great deal of time (5 minutes) I cannot get myself to buy them :P. I am happy that trader joe’s has begun selling quest bars! Other than that, I really like their frozen foods and medleys because they are extremely delicious and healthy too.

    1. We are on a quest to get our kids to love vegetables and eat more of them. Their current favorite are artichokes and they LOOOVE the hearts!

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