Tips for 1st Time Bikini Competitors

December 7, 2014

As you all know, I competed in my first bikini competition this past October and I absolutely LOVED it! I learned soooo much from it and from prep as well, and I wanted to be a light in the world of competing and show you all that you can absolutely achieve your fitness goals, and even compete, the healthy way.



Like when I was the only one drinking a bunch of water on show day. Heck no to water depletion!


I wrote a couple of posts about competing, but this one about how it helped me is probably the most important! I am by no means an expert on competing, not even close. However, I do like to share my experiences and thoughts on any subject relating to fitness.

I got a video request for “tips for 1st time bikini competitors” and I thought it was an incredible topic to go over.

Before I delved into competing, I researched, researched, researched. I have actually wanted to compete ever since I was a freshman in college (so for about 5 years now) and just completed my first competition. So yeah, you can say I waited a loooong time. Mainly because of the money, but also because I had heard so many horror stories and bad information about competing. Yes, many people have had bad experiences and I can certainly see why and how, since competing can be a slippery slope. However, it can have a happy outcome, as it did in my case.

I figured I’d link my video here, but I’ll also bullet exactly what I go over. I had to split the video into two parts since I blab for way too long. What else is new.

The main topics I cover are about things to consider before committing to a contest prep:

1. Make sure you are mentally healthy and stable before committing (2:15)

2. Do your research (4:05)

3. Find a good coach (6:05)

4. Know how much it costs (8:56)


Have you ever thought about competing?

If you have competed, what was your experience?

    1. Thanks, Brittany! Interesting post. I have debating back and forth about doing a competition the past few years and I am so glad to hear you had a positive experience. Look forward to checking out these videos!

    1. You’re so inspirational my friend! It really is amazing that you had such a positive mindset and experience and I really do believe you’re helping a lot of people by sharing your story. I really admire that you stuck to what YOU needed to do, instead of giving into that hype of only eating/drinking certain things<3

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