First Half of Pregnancy Update

As of Monday October 9, 2017... I am 20 weeks pregnant! Which means I'm about halfway through my pregnancy. Time is seriously flying - it felt like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and I was hyperventilating in my bathroom by myself.. ha! I had all intentions of doing weekly updates, but that obviously didn't happen. I figured I would just update you all on the first half, and then maybe do weekly from here on out OR do weekly updates for the last 10 weeks. For now, lets take a look at the last 20 weeks. Earliest symptoms before testing: -Maybe TMI, but I had a LOT of discharge one week before my period was due and one week after I believe we conceived. I had never experienced anything like it before, so I … [Read more...]

Transitioning into Intuitive Eating & My Dieting Story; Part 2

Continued from Transitioning into Intuitive Eating & My Dieting Story; Part 1.   It was time. Time to end the extremes, end the restriction, stop focusing on aesthetics only, and start focusing on health. Time to start really living life. I knew there was a way to stay lean but still have balance, a way to be fit for life while still enjoying and actually living my life, without being a slave to the scale/mirror/food scale. I knew it was possible, it was just finally time for me to figure out how. I felt like I had spent my entire life focusing on food, fitness, and my body. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it's definitely a huge part of my life now since it's my career, my passion, stress reliever and my favorite … [Read more...]

Transitioning into Intuitive Eating & My Dieting Story; Part 1

Intuitive eating is a term that has blown up recently in the social media/fitness/healthy living world. It basically means listening to your bodies hunger cues - eating when you're hungry, stopping when you're full. Something that has come to us humans naturally since birth. Think about when you were a baby or a kid - you would eat what sounded good to you when you were hungry, and be done with it when you got full. It's natural up until it gets altered for some reason, in my case, due to years of dieting and being hyper focused on my food intake, my calories, macros, types of food, etc. I feel like I've been aware of my food intake for what feels like forever. I remember so vividly one day stepping on the scale when I was younger and … [Read more...]