Scenes from Christmas

December 27, 2014

Hi friends!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday regardless of what you celebrate. I had a wonderful time – saw my brother who I haven’t seen in forever, as well as my dad/grandma who I don’t get to see often, some friends that don’t live near me, and enjoyed myself with amazing food and memories. I hope no one stressed over the food OR feels guilty about indulging. That’s why life is all about balance friends.. a couple of days off won’t kill ya. Here are some scenes from my Christmas!



Legs with the madre on Christmas Eve morning!




Missed my bro 🙂



A beautiful church service to celebrate the reason for the season <3




The fam reunited in the house of the Lord.




Enjoying some red, my favorite! Lots of wine this weekend 😉








Not too many gifts this year, but my mom got me a purse and socks so I would stop stealing her purse and her socks LOL love it.




Game and drinks.




Fast forward to Christmas Day, my brother and I drove the hour drive down to my dad’s house for more Christmas celebrations.




My gingerbread cookie artwork.. beautiful, I know.




Around 2pm everyone arrived and we busted out the appetizers, wine, beer, etc.




My dad’s girlfriend and her family is Mexican, so they always include spanish food! This was plantains, pork, sausages, and some sort of fried rice patty.






And I didn’t even get a picture of everything! Overall, I had a wonderful time with family and didn’t worry about calories or anything. That’s life, friends!


What did you do for the holiday’s?

Best thing you ate? Mine was definitely a pecan sandy cookie with powdered sugar… oh my goodness

Best gift you received or gave? Mine was tickets to see Joel Osteen to my mom! So Excited since I got one for myself to go with her.



    1. Your mum’s intention with her gifts sounds similar to that of mine 😉 . I can’t even tell anymore how many pieces of my wardrobe are actually permanent loans from my mum’s …
      Just from these glimpses I’d say that Christmas 2014 was a great one for you. Aww to the love of your life.
      And do I really have to choose -one- favourite? I finally gave myself permission to indulge in all treats I wanted again and both the cinnamon parfait I made and my grandma’s cookies were way too good to pick just one. They probably tasted even better after years of restriction.

    1. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Although I must admit I already saw most of those pix via Snapchat haha, love it 🙂 xoxo

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