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April 4, 2014

TGIF. This week has been a littttle hectic, I had too many tests and my brain is now fried.



I’ve been eating, breathing, and sleeping mitosis, meiosis, and cell division. Thank goodness that’s over! Now I’m in the home stretch until summer. Can’t. Wait.

Anywho, luckily it’s been gorgeous outside. It makes studying a little bit more bearable.



A bit hot for April, but hey, I certainly can’t complain!




Hex bar deadlifts. My new favorite.



One thing I’m so thankful for is the gym. Wow, what a surprise! But It’s literally the BEST stress reliever, ever. I’m always so thankful that I CAN go to the gym and relieve stress, feel amazing, stay healthy, and better myself everyday.

Lately I’ve been just going with the flow for my workouts. I’ll either split it into a 1 body part a day week, or I’ll pair up chest and tri’s, back and bi’s, shoulders, legs, etc. I’ve also been listening to my body and when I feel like just running for the day, so be it. I’ve also been incorporating some full-body circuit workouts as well and it’s a nice change up!

Speaking of the gym, go read this post. Love.

Foodie Finds


Sometimes you just need some cereal, ya know? These are currently my two favorites. Cereal does NOT fill me up very much, so i’ll either have it with some protein when I’m craving it, top my smoothies with them, or in some yogurt. They both have pretty darn good nutritional stats as well.

Speaking of yogurt, this is my favorite:



Since I can’t eat too much dairy, these have been my life saver! I went a while without ANY dairy whatsoever to help with my digestive issues, and after a while I started craving some yogurt. I used to OD on greek yogurt, but when I found these I was so excited. I like to put some fruit, chopped nuts, or even cereal in them. I usually thin them out a bit with almond milk because they’re super thick.


Two other finds I’m loving – Kevita probiotic drinks. Very similar to Kombucha, but they’re less strong I guess is the word. I know some people don’t like Kombucha, so I’d HIGHLY recommend these! They have a bunch of fun flavors as well.



NO WORDS can do this justice. Crack in a freakin jar. I want ALL.THE.FLAVORS.


I missed out on WIAW, so some meals lately.. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Quinoa, mixed veggies, breast from a whole turkey, and roasted parsnips. Soooo good.


And some leftovers make a good lunch the next day. Add some avocado and BAM, a meal.


Oh ya know, just some melty peanut butter on oats. My favorite thing ever.


Salmon, asparagus, and spaghetti squash. Such a great combo!


I’ve also been loving yogi tea. I bought the chai rooibo’s, and it’s the perfect mix of spicy, sweet, and soothing.


What foodie finds are you loving lately?

Favorite meal you’ve eaten this week?

What is your favorite tea?

    1. I’m intrigued by those Kevita drinks! I’ve heard good things about them, but I haven’t seen them pop up around here yet…hopefully in the future! And melty peanut butter on oats – is there anything better? 😉

      1. I hope they pop up for you, too!! So much flavor, I love them.

    1. Enjoy Life Foods has yet to make something I DIDN’T like, they just rock my world!! I am loving all the GF/Vegan treats yahoooooo!!

    1. I am SO happy you are back blogging again! I missed you!
      Everyone is raving about this coconut butter. I admit, I’m scared to try it in case I get addicted to a new thing. My wallet certainly doesn’t need that;)

      1. I missed you, too!!! Oh my goodness, you must try it. You will get addicted though!

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