What I’ve Been Eating

December 10, 2014

Sooo can anyone else hardly believe it’s already December 10th? WHAT? Time is flyyyyyinnnn. I’m not complaining though, exciting things have been happening over here lately, and I am blessed beyond belief. More on all of that later!

Onto the FOOD. Why is it so interesting to see what people eat? No idea, but I love WIAW and seeing people’s full day of eating youtube videos. Hashtag foodie problems.


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Power crunch bar (one of my favorites) topped with ManBake Cookie butter. Heaven.




Cottage cheese + greek yogurt with cereal and blueberries.




Brussels and kabocha sautéed in coconut oil (I will never get tired of this) and chicken.




Veggie and cheese omelet topped with ketchup, obviously, and a side of kasha 7-grain waffles.




Chipotle! I literally have only had it like once before, and I was out and starving one day so my mom and I stopped. I got the steak and maaaan it was spicy, but still good!





I ordered a box of mix-matched quest bars from their website since I was out, so it felt like Christmas morning when I got the delivery. By the way, the smores flavor is delicious. It’s a different texture and flavor but I like it.




THESE ARE AWESOME. I normally get plain salted since they are versatile, but I’m obsessed with these. Tastes like white cheddar popcorn, mmmm.




I feel like I’m obligated to include coffee in every WIAW even though you don’t eat it. I’m addicted.




My favorite protein shake with 1st phorm vanilla ice cream flavor, and cookie n’ cream arctic zero. Makes it sooo thick and delicious. I usually only eat protein shakes when I really want cereal ha.

And that’s about all I’ve took pictures of. I’ve been slacking because of finals, but I’ll definitely be back full force once I’m done (hopefully today)!


What have you been eating lately?

What’s your favorite cereal?

    1. Powercrunch bars have been one of my favorite things for YEARS. I kind of always loved knowing about them when no one else did, haha. Omelets are always a good/great idea, and I am definitely getting back on the cereal/straight up carb train as I start full on marathon training again!

    1. I’ve been eating Christmas baked goodies and chocolate on the weekend 😉 It’s a nice thing to do during holiday season… it fits the 80/20 approach. Balance!
      Yesterday I made beef liver for the first time. I had it with apple (sauteed it together), because I don’t have onion like it is often eaten with. I liked it though, I like the taste, and the texture is not odd at all. Have you had liver before? Do you like it?

      1. Oh man, I have a lot! Depends what genre you are looking for? Fitness?

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