IIFYM Full Day of Eating

I haven’t been super strict with tracking my macros lately, and it has been a nice break. However, I have some new goals and I’m the type of person that craves consistency, structure, and a plan. Call me crazy, but it’s just how I am!

I was watching an old video that I posted on my channel (about 4 months ago) when I pulled out of prep, and I stated that I probably wanted to start a prep in August. I thought about it, but I will be traveling in the beginning of December and I absolutely do not want to be on prep at that time. I do, however, want to start leaning out a bit. My reason for this is simple – my long term goals are more important to me right now than stepping on stage in a few months.

Long term I really want to be able to maintain a body to where I can step on a stage in only about 6 weeks. I don’t want to have to have such an extreme yo-yo type effect where I need 14+ weeks to step on a stage. So, I’m starting a super SLOW lean out phase right now. I’ve made a LOT of progress in the muscle gaining department, and that is exactly what I wanted. People always ask me “how long should you reverse diet for?” Honestly, as long as you want! I’m at that point where I’m done and very happy with the progress I made, so it’s time for a little shift in goals.

I finally got around to filming another full day of eating, so check it out! Do you blog-readers prefer photos of my meals? I can definitely do a video on YT, and then show the photos on here. I haven’t done that in a while, so let me know!



What are your current goals?

Do you like videos or pictures/words better for full days of eating?


  1. I’m totally all in favor of food pics. I’m horrible at taking them myself because normally I’ve eaten 17/18 of my meal because I can’t contain myself and then I’m like oh let me photograph this crumb for my blog. But anyway. Food is always fun to look at ya know?

  2. yesss for long term goals rather than short term results! <33 miss ya!

    Sarah Grace

  3. Since I do my blog reading during nap time, I don’t watch any vlogs, so I love looking at pictures 🙂

  4. I prefer words so I can read on my lunch break at work without disrupting colleagues. Love your blog. Thanks!

  5. I actually like either one. I don’t know anyone else that does videos with their eating and it’s so interesting. I loved your music too!

  6. Love these videos!

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