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IIFYM Full Day of Eating

August 26, 2015

I haven’t been super strict with tracking my macros lately, and it has been a nice break. However, I have some new goals and I’m the type of person that craves consistency, structure, and a plan. Call me crazy, but it’s just how I am!

I was watching an old video that I posted on my channel (about 4 months ago) when I pulled out of prep, and I stated that I probably wanted to start a prep in August. I thought about it, but I will be traveling in the beginning of December and I absolutely do not want to be on prep at that time. I do, however, want to start leaning out a bit. My reason for this is simple – my long term goals are more important to me right now than stepping on stage in a few months.

Long term I really want to be able to maintain a body to where I can step on a stage in only about 6 weeks. I don’t want to have to have such an extreme yo-yo type effect where I need 14+ weeks to step on a stage. So, I’m starting a super SLOW lean out phase right now. I’ve made a LOT of progress in the muscle gaining department, and that is exactly what I wanted. People always ask me “how long should you reverse diet for?” Honestly, as long as you want! I’m at that point where I’m done and very happy with the progress I made, so it’s time for a little shift in goals.

I finally got around to filming another full day of eating, so check it out! Do you blog-readers prefer photos of my meals? I can definitely do a video on YT, and then show the photos on here. I haven’t done that in a while, so let me know!



What are your current goals?

Do you like videos or pictures/words better for full days of eating?

    1. I’m totally all in favor of food pics. I’m horrible at taking them myself because normally I’ve eaten 17/18 of my meal because I can’t contain myself and then I’m like oh let me photograph this crumb for my blog. But anyway. Food is always fun to look at ya know?

    1. I prefer words so I can read on my lunch break at work without disrupting colleagues. Love your blog. Thanks!

    1. I actually like either one. I don’t know anyone else that does videos with their eating and it’s so interesting. I loved your music too!

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