How to Eat Donuts on Bikini Prep

March 17, 2015

13 weeks out… and I eat a donut. Yup.



I guess you can say prep is going well 😉 I did balance it out with chicken and veggies though, of course. The beauty of high carb days and flexible dieting.

New video is up on the YouTube channel! I show you guys my booty/hamstring workout, as well as a glimpse into my HIIT cardio routine. Don’t forget to subscribe since I update my videos way more often than I do this little blog.

    1. How to eat donuts on bikini prep–> insert mouth, eat donut, and continue to train, just adjust for it in your eating the rest of the day. Life is still life! One donut? ain’t gonna change nuthin. 91857103578 donuts? Well, yes!

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