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Honoring Your Body – Are You Listening?

June 11, 2014

Listening to your body – something we hear about all the time and know it’s something we need to be doing, but for some reason, most people have trouble actually doing it.

Why is that?

I started two new jobs recently, both working with children. Kids are funny. They do what they want, they don’t care about what people think, they are honest, and may not be very good at listening. However, in terms of listening to your body, kids know exactly how to do just that.

Think about it.

When a baby is hungry, they cry. They want food, and they want it now. Sure, maybe they ate something just 2 hours ago, but do they question it? Of course not. All they know is they are hungry and need to eat. They listen to their body, they feel their tummies rumbling, and they honor their need for food.


Why is that such a hard concept to grasp as we grow older? Maybe it’s our environment, comparisons, the media saying we all need X amount of calories, falling for restrictive diets, etc. Who knows. What I do know, is sadly most people have lost that natural ability to truly listen to their body.

Our bodies are smart. Like, really freaking smart. It’s like a little factory of a million different functions all working together to keep us alive. That’s your body’s job – to keep you alive. If something is off, it will tell you. Different things occur to give you a sign that something isn’t right.

Yawning? You could be tired, need to exercise, or not fueling enough.

Digestive issues? You could have a food allergy or sensitivity, you could be stressed, or something more serious.

Excessive soreness? You could be overtraining, not eating enough to recover, or over-worked yourself.

Absence of menstruation? You could be under-eating, over-exercising, (or both) or having hormonal issues.

Headache? You could have allergies, or be dehydrated.

Constipated? You may not be eating enough fiber, drinking enough water, or moving enough.

You get the point. Basically, your body’s number 1 job is to maintain homeostasis. When something is off and veering away from that homeostasis, it sends us a signal so that we can fix it.


The best thing to do is know your normal. Everyone is different,  so what may be normal for one person, may not be for another. Get in tune with your body, and your normal, and just start listening. You’d be surprised at your ability to do so.

As with anything, it takes practice. Eventually, you will become very in-tune with your body. It may take a long time, and it may not, but it’s worth it.


Are you in-tune with your body?

Not as much as I’d like, I work on it every day!

Are you listening? 

Any input?




    1. I’m decent, but I wouldn’t say I’m good at it. There’s always room for improvement!

    1. Yes yes yes!! I make the comparison to kids ALL the time, especially when it comes to eating. They know when they’re hungry and they know when they’re full. When did eating became so difficult??? I think so many people would just be happier if they stepped back and looked at things from a different perspective. We over think things. Hungry? Eat! Tired? Rest! I know it sounds easier that it is…I have my days too. We are all a work in progress, I guess!!

      1. Right?? I wonder the same question. We are!!

    1. Love the kid comparison. My mom has said something like that to me before, “You’re eating again? You just ate!” Who cares I’m hungry! 🙂 I generally listen to my body whenever I’m hungry. Though I need to try to stop listening to it when it keeps craving Ben & Jerry’s… 😉

      1. My family always says that to me hahahah #foreverhungry

    1. I love what you said about the kids it is so true. They never overthink something, they just listen.
      I got a lot better in listening to my body but I do have a long way to go still – sometimes it clashes with my fitness/shape goals, so this is something I still have to figure out!

      1. Same here girl! Fitness goals are important to me, too, so I’m always trying to figure it out!

    1. A-freaking-men. Listening to our bodies is so important. I didn’t realize that until recently, and these past few months I’ve been going solely based on feel. If I’m craving something, I eat it. If I’m not hungry, I don’t. It’s so much more simple than we make it and life is so much better when we do listen!

    1. This post is amazing. Very thought provoking. I think we are all guilty of self neglect!

      I was wondering how many grams of fat you tend to go for in your macros to help honour your body and hormones?

      1. Grams of fat are different for everyone. I’m not really sure though, I haven’t been tracking macros consistently. I eat less fat some days and more carbs, and then less carbs and more fat other days. I had my gallbladder removed though, so my body doesn’t process fat as well as I’d like, so I don’t keep it too high. If I had to guess, I eat around 25% fat of my calories.

    1. What a great concept! I’ve been trying to treat myself like I would a child but hadn’t thought about the fact that it doesn’t even cross a child’s mind if they’ve just eaten – sometimes you just need more!

      But I agree with what Lucie says too, as sometimes my body doesn’t agree with what my head wants… Like when I want to train but it wants to take a break…

      1. Exactly! I agree with that, too. You just have to find a balance!

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