Get Down With Protein Up

May 26, 2015

I am a huge fan of protein. I am definitely not one of those people who have trouble hitting their protein requirements for the day. In fact, I tend to go over my protein allotment, and I have trouble keeping it within the proper amount. I think if I were to turn into a certain food that I eat a lot, it would be chicken. I just love high protein foods. But you know what I also love? CARBS. Bread. Yes. Who doesn’t?

Seriously though, don’t lie to me people. 

So if you could get a carb product with higher protein, wouldn’t it be the BEST PRODUCT EVER? I think so.

Especially for the people who do tend to have trouble hitting their protein requirements daily.

So, lets talk about these Flat Out Wraps. These are the answer to your higher protein, lower carb prayers. I’ve been a huge fan of flat out for years, and they certainly did not disappoint with their new product.

These wraps are made with bean protein, and have 12-15g for each wrap, and only around 17-18g of carbs. The three flavors available are as follows:

  • Core 12: Flatout’s original wrap recipe, made with chickpeas.
  • Red Pepper Hummus: powered by chickpeas.
  • Sea salt & crushed black pepper: brought to you by navy beans.

The macros are amazing, but the taste is even better. They are so versatile that you could honestly make anything with them – from savory to sweet, the options are endless. Not only that, but the SIZE is what is important to me. Sometimes you expect these wraps which such great macros to be super thing or super tiny, but these are huge and thick.

I’m a single girl, and my absolutely favorite thing to make with wraps is just that – a wrap!

Step 1 – admire the size of the wrap and figure out the best tactic to roll everything up.


Step 2: Wait, must get a close up and admire the beauty of the food.

Everyone doesn’t do this? Oh..

Step 3: Roll up, and take a bite of heaven.

That protein, though.

These wraps are available at Walmart, and they even have a buy one, get one free coupon available to you all since you are all so amazing and need these in your life. Trust me. You can get the coupon HERE!

What’s so great about these is the taste. You can find something with great ingredients and macros, but the taste isn’t always up to par. But these are a different story. The protein God’s have answered our prayers 😉

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Flatout.

Do you have trouble hitting your protein, or do you easily eat a lot of it?

What is your favorite meal to make with wraps?

    1. I never have trouble hitting my protein either, I don’t know how people can struggle with it. And I don’t even get half of it from protein powder, I rarely eat that. It would be great if we had more lowcarb/high protein versions of bread etc here in Germany 🙁 a nice wrap filling is low fat cream cheese and salmon, plus lettuce or something crunchy! Yum!

      1. Right?! I could easily eat like 200+ grams hahah

    1. I love Flat Out wraps! I haven’t seen the protein ones yet, but now I’m definitely going to be on the look out for them! I love making wraps, or sometimes I toast the wrap and make it like pita chips!

      1. Ahhh yessss have you made my cinnamon sugar pita chips? SO good!

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