First Pregnancy 101

November 26, 2017

I saw this fun little survey on Jana’s blog about pregnancy and loved it, so I wanted to do one for myself!

About Me

Name? Brittany

Age? 25

Height? 5’9

Hair color? Blonde

Eye color? Blue

About the Father

Name? Matthew

Age? 26

Height? 5’7

Hair color? Black

Eye color? Brown

About My Pregnancy

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes!!! So excited.

When did you find out you were pregnant? June 24, 2017.

Was it planned? It was! We stopped preventing pregnancy in February and got pregnant in June.

What was your first reaction? I was hyperventilating. I had taken a pregnancy test the week before and it was negative, although I still had a gut feeling I was pregnant. When I took one again a week later, I played it down and was like eh, probably not. Then I saw that positive and couldn’t breathe and almost passed out in my bathroom!

Who was with you when you found out? I was alone in my apartment! I texted all my best friends first, then my mom, and then my boyfriend.

Who was the first person you told? A few of my closest friends.

How did your parents react? My mom was shocked, but then was extremely excited. My dad wasn’t too shocked and just said congrats!!!

How far along are you? Just over 26 weeks (I’ll be 27 weeks on Monday, November 27).

What was your first symptom? I actually had a few.. sore boobs (all over, where usually  before my period it’s just my nipples which I knew was odd), blurry vision, bloated, emotional.

When is your due date? February 26, 2018.

Do you know the sex of the baby? It’s a… BOY!

Have you picked out names? Yup! Baby G has a name 🙂 We aren’t 100% sure of the middle name though.

How much weight have you gained? About 15 pounds.

Do you have stretch marks? I have them all over my breasts, but none anywhere else.

Have you felt the baby move? Absolutely. He goes wild in there!

Have you heard the heartbeat? Many times. I love it so much.

About the Baby

Home or hospital birth? Hospital.

Natural or medicated birth? Not sure! I’m not opposed to an epidural, but I’ll see how things go.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Matthew and my mom!

Will you breastfeed? I definitely plan to! I feel very strongly about it, so I hope all goes well.

Do you think you’ll need a c-section? Not sure yet. I guess depends if baby is breech or not.

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? Who knows, but I probably will cry after I push him out, after I hold him, after I see Matthew hold him. All the happy tears.

What’s the first thing you might say to him or her? I love you! I’m so happy to finally meet you and be your mama.

Would you let someone videotape the birth? I am highly considering vlogging it for youtube. I think we might 🙂

Are you excited or scared about the birth? I’m honestly not that scared. I always thought I would be, but for some reason I’m pretty calm about it. I’m sure once it happens I’ll be nervous, but heck, I’m made for this!


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