First Half of Pregnancy Update

October 12, 2017

As of Monday October 9, 2017… I am 20 weeks pregnant! Which means I’m about halfway through my pregnancy. Time is seriously flying – it felt like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant and I was hyperventilating in my bathroom by myself.. ha!

I had all intentions of doing weekly updates, but that obviously didn’t happen. I figured I would just update you all on the first half, and then maybe do weekly from here on out OR do weekly updates for the last 10 weeks.

For now, lets take a look at the last 20 weeks.

Earliest symptoms before testing:

-Maybe TMI, but I had a LOT of discharge one week before my period was due and one week after I believe we conceived. I had never experienced anything like it before, so I thought I was pregnant right when this happened.

-I had a lot of bloating. Chalked it up to IBS symptoms, but it was lower in my belly (pelvis region) which was odd.

-Boobs were extremely sore. I typically get sore nipples right before my period, but this was my entire boob which was strange for me.

-I was very emotional. Crying at EVERYTHING.

-Blurry Vision. I talked to my friend who just had a baby and I remembered her telling me her first symptom was blurry vision. I thought mine was anxiety, but when it happened, I remembered my friend saying that and I was basically just like well…maybe.

Positive tests:

I’m pretty sure I was about 4 weeks pregnant when I got a positive pregnancy test. In fact, I tested the DAY of my missed period and got a negative result. This was even with those tests that say “find out 6 days before your missed period”! Well, that was a fail. So I tested again one week later and BAM… positive. Twice.

That day, I had a tiny bit of pinkness when I went to the bathroom. I assume this was the baby further implanting itself into the uterus! Typically implantation bleeding occurs before your missed period, so this was just likely that.

5 weeks pregnant – shortly after getting two positive pregnancy tests. Baby was the size of a sesame seed!!! It felt really, really surreal at this point but both Matthew and I were extremely excited. We told both of our families at this point, and they all shared the same joy we did which was wonderful.

Symptoms: super weak at the gym, fatigue, bloating.

Cravings: Lemonade.

Aversions: None!

6 weeks pregnant: Baby was the size of a lentil! I was on vacation with my mom for 10 days to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC which was awesome but unfortunately, this was exactly when my “all day sickness” started. It was bad. I was nauseous and dizzy all day long and just wanted to lay in bed, although I didn’t because vacation! The sickness was mostly mornings at this point, but really lasted all day coming in waves.

Symptoms: Dizzy very often, peeing at all, VERY vivid dreams mostly about murder, dehydrated.

Cravings: BREAD, lemonade, soup, smoothies/acai bowls. I ate a lot of saltine crackers during this week to help with the nausea. I basically only wanted foods that were simple on the stomach.

Aversions: Kind of. Basically, nothing ever sounded good. I wasn’t ever really hungry but I ate something small every few hours to keep nausea at bay. Or I would go from not hungry AT ALL, to legit STARVING to extremely full all in a very short time frame.

Workouts: Lifting 4x per week with an upper/lower split. Immediately felt weaker, so mostly hypertrophy and just listening to my body.

7 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of a blueberry! My boobs randomly got HUGE this week – I could feel them bouncing as I walked. I swear they grew overnight. Waist got wider and uterus already doubled in size. Took 5 naps in one day this week, I needed naps a lot at this point. Sometimes I just needed to lie in bed all day because of sickness, but other days were ok.

Cravings: Only things that sounded good to eat were pb&j, greek yogurt, protein pancakes, soup, bread, crackers.

Aversions: Nothing specific, just nothing sounded good.

Workouts: Only worked out 3-4 times. Much shorter sessions, lighter weights, just not going crazy because it made me dizzier and more nauseous.

8 weeks pregnant: Baby is the size of a kidney bean! We had our first doctors appointment this week and heard lil bean’s heartbeat which was UNREAL. Doctor was super chill – said only thing off limits for me were unpasteurized products. I also found out that morning sickness was less severe when I had sex. NO IDEA WHY, but it worked for me.

Cravings: just liking plain foods still – greek yogurt, fruit, potatoes, rice.

Aversions: Minty gum and chocolate.

9 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of a grape! Feeling a bit better this week, and again, best on days we had sex. So strange, but not complaining. Back to the crazy vivid dreams. There were 3-4 days I couldn’t leave the bed at all the entire day, the worst sickness I’ve experienced so far. I also almost passed out sitting down at a restaurant one night and the same thing next day in my kitchen.

Cravings: ice cream and dessert, pickles, sweets, pb&j, rice cakes.

Aversions: same as before.

10 weeks pregnant: Baby is the size of a kumquat! What even is that? I’ve never seen one before. I was able to eat more things this week that I couldn’t before like eggs and some more veggies. Felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel this week which was encouraging. I also definitely started nesting about two weeks ago, but this week was strong – all I wanted to do was clean and cook and bake.

Cravings: eggs, cheese, and avocado toast.

Aversions: same as before. still chicken and some veggies.

11 weeks pregnant: Baby is the size of a fig. best week I’ve had so far during pregnancy! Rarely nauseous and I felt AMAZING on my birthday – yay! Had my second appointment and baby was moving sooo much. So exciting.

I worked out 4x (lifting), and did cardio almost every day.

12 weeks pregnant: Baby is the size of a limesecond trimester! I started a new “schedule” this week where I was super sick every other day and the good days were really good days. So odd. Really weird dreams again and this week they were all about babies – having them, giving birth, etc. All the babies were girls, too!

13 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of a peapod! This was officially the best week I’ve had so far. Vacation to San Diego was amazing and I felt great the entire time. Still weird dreams! Felt like myself this week which felt amazing.

Cravings: healthy food!! Fruits, veggies.

Aversions: none.

14 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of a lemon. More tired this week and barely any nausea (I feel like my sickness got traded for tiredness). Vivid crazy dreams are still going strong. We also did an early ultrasound and found out baby is a BOY!

15 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of an apple.

Feel more like myself, again. I was able to be more productive this week and more active in the gym without feeling like poop! Still tired and waves of nausea come randomly. Been doing intermittent fasting without intention, just not very hungry in the mornings.

Cravings: candy corn, sour patch watermelon, real watermelon is life! and tacos.

16 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of an avocado! I felt sick a lot again this week so I don’t have much notes except for the fact that I was still having vivid, crazy dreams.

17-19 weeks pregnant: nauseous here and there. weird dreams come and go. Feel great over all these past few weeks! Bump popped around 19 weeks, finally!!!! More emotional this week – crying at random things.

Cravings: Loving avocado toast or hummus on white cheddar rice cakes. Chocolate. Soup.

20 weeks pregnant: baby is the size of a banana – head to foot! Before this week, baby was being measured from head to butt. Feeling wonderful this week! Very productive as well. Sleeping a lot at night, but not needing naps during the day (which I actually haven’t the entire second trimester). FELT BABY KICK MULTIPLE TIMES THIS WEEK – SO EXCITING!!!!!

Cravings: anything salty!!! Sourdough toast, avocado toast/guac, rice cakes/popcorn or anything crunchy and salty, oats with peanut butter and banana. Also loving Brussel sprouts again.

    1. Eeep, congratulations! Feeling the wee bebe kick is the best feeling ever! Welcome to the boy mum club!

    1. I am soooo stoked for you Brittany! I can imagine how wonderful it must be to know that you’ll be nourishing and caring for another life that you love so dearly. I remember my mother told me that I was SUCH a kicker when she was pregnant with me! Congratulations again on your pregnancy. You’re doing amazingly!

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