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Eats Lately + Special Offer

May 26, 2014



Of course today is a nice day off for most filled with food, fun, and family. But, we can’t forget what this day is really all about! Unfortunately, I lost a cousin who was serving in Iraq, so this definitely hits home for me.

Thank you to everyone who has served, and who continues to serve our country.


Before I get into my actual post, I’ve decided to offer my 12-week programs for 50% off! You can go to my other site ( to see what they are about. I have a muscle building program (build your best), and a fat loss program (reveal your best). I include a grocery list guide, nutrition guide, and supplementation guide along with the 12 weeks of workouts. The full price is on my website, but if you are interested, email me at and I will offer it half off this week only!


I loved everyones input on my last post about all the crazy things for weight loss out there! So glad I’m not alone in thinking that it is a bunch of crap.

I want to show some meals I’ve eaten lately, because I know some people who are just getting started in their fitness journey have trouble getting creative in the kitchen.

Heck, a lot of my meals are just from food prep and  throw a bunch of shit in a bowl and eat. Basically, what can get into my pie hole fastest. Yup.

I usually make sure I have three things in a meal – protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. And usually a veggie. But yes, that counts as a carbohydrate.


One of my breakfasts – veggie egg white omelet with 1 avocado toast and 1 toast with coconut oil and cinnamon.


Went to visit my grandma last week and do her grocery shopping! We picked up lunch, and I got a salad with black beans, tomatoes, chicken, and guaccccc. It came with a pita, too.


This is my favorite. Homemade turkey burger, topped with grilled red onion, and roasted veggies – broccoli, zucchini, and turnips (love).


Avocado on Ezekiel. Enough said.


Post workout meal of sweet potato, asparagus, and grilled chicken.


I went to dinner for a late birthday celebration for my dad! We went to a thai/Japanese place that was awesome and had a HUGE menu.

Started off with miso soup and a salad with ginger dressing.


I ordered chicken and shrimp teriyaki which came with veggies underneath all that meaaaaat and white rice. Mmmm.



Oats with an egg white, berries, and cashews/walnuts. Obsessed with cashews lately.


Tuna with spinach and tomato on Ezekiel toast, one with avocado and one with hummus. A great easy lunch idea.


What is your favorite type of food to eat? (Japanese, Thai, Greek, Indian, American, etc.)?

What is your favorite homemade meal lately?

    1. GIMMMMIIEE those veggies. These are my kind meals, but I’d swap the meat for some quinoa or cous cous. I want oatmeal now…so random.

    1. Mhmm I’m seriously drooling looking at all of your eats! I think you do such a great job of balancing nutrition with flavor and non-boring food and I’m constantly finding inspiration in your eats :).

      1. Yay I’m soo glad! Same with you girl. I drool over your food pics ;D

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