Definition of a Healthy Lifestyle

April 21, 2014



Woke up this morning ready to get the day started. On a Monday. Maybe it was the fact that I had a great Easter? Or the fact that it was actually cool out and I wanted to go for a run! Perfect since it’s the Boston Marathon today. Good luck to everyone that is running!


I laced up my shoes and went for a run. I’ve actually been really enjoying morning runs lately, and have been doing them 2-3 times a week and then lifting later in the day. Works perfect and starts my morning on a great note, and I also have energy for lifting later in the day!

We shall see how long this lasts… ha.



I posted this on my instagram yesterday because I wanted to make sure everyone really enjoyed their holiday (if they celebrate). So often I see girls not allowing themselves to enjoy holidays, social gatherings, certain foods, or getting anxiety or feeling guilt over doing so.

It breaks my heart.

Sure, I completely understand if you are prepping for a competition. That’s an entirely different story. However, if you are just trying to be healthy and live your life, being completely OBSESSED with “clean eating” or “sticking to your plan” actually is not healthy.

Health is a mixture of eating real, whole foods


and also allowing yourself to enjoy some other foods you love.



Ice cream. Wish I could have the real thing, but this worked just as well 😉

Health is exercising because it’s good for you, and because you ENJOY the type of exercise you are doing. NOT because you feel like you have to, or because a certain type of exercise is what everyone else is doing.





Health is spending time with family, going with the flow, eating, drinking, laughing, and enjoying the time you have with them.


Drank mimosa’s with my mom and grandma. Grandma totally got drunk. Made my day hahahaa. 



Health can be drinking green juice first (if that’s your thaaaang) to get some extra nutrients,



and drinking champagne later, even though it was only noon 😉



Health is drinking coffee, “because it’s good for you”,




But drinking multiple cups even though “too much can be bad”. (Whoever made up these rules anyway, MAKE UP YOUR MIND).

Health is eating a mixture of carbs, proteins, and fats





But eating them whenever you want, in any form you want. Breaking those made up “rules” like not eating carbs past 6 pm. All of these meals were consumed past that time. Quinoa, sweet potato, etc. Eating red meat – wow, so bad for you. *sarcasm*

And last but not least, health is about loving your body, loving yourself, and loving every second of your life.



Do what you love. Enjoy your life. That, I believe, is the definition of a healthy lifestyle.


What do you think is involved in a healthy lifestyle?

What did you do for Easter if you celebrated?

Anyone go for a run for Boston today?


    1. Great post! I love this. I definitely think a healthy lifestyle is more than perfect eating and always getting your workouts done. It’s about doing things that make you happy mentally as well as physically.

      1. Ahhh you are the best, Alan!!! Thank you! <3

    1. Another post from you that I love love love loooooove! Seriously, I used to define health only by how much I exercised and how much/what I ate. The problem with that is I had no happiness in my life. What would today be if I couldn’t go do some day drinking in Boston on Marathon Monday? What would my weekend have been if I was working my wine tasting event Saturday night and didn’t drink a drop? It all would have been lame and unfulfilling. And after all, what’s the point of waking up and going running this morning (even though I SO wanted to sleep in) if I can’t have some happiness in my life?

      1. YESSS love you!!! HAVE FUN and I wish I could be day drinking with you 😉

    1. I went running today because of you. 😉 Haha, you see when I saw your post earlier this morning I thought to myself. “Hey, it’s a good day today. I think I’ll go for a run because she did it too.” So, that’s what I did. Even though it wasn’t my fastest time ever, I still had fun despite of it. At least I made it under 45 min for a 3 mile run. I’m hoping to run 10 minute miles, so hopefully I’ll be able to reach my goal by the end of this summer. 🙂

      I think what is involved for a healthy lifestyle is to be content with yourself. Be happy for who you are and what you are capable of doing. And never take it for granted.

      Yesterday, we had our annual Easter breakfast at church and then later had a Easter lunch at my grandma’s house with the extended family. I kinda overdid it with the ham but better to overdo it with protein than carbs, but that’s just me.

      Take care, and say hello to your new follower!

      1. Awww love that!! go girl! You WILL reach your goal, I know it! <3

    1. LOVED your post! Seriously hit home like crazy. I’ve been struggling with ED for the past 3 years and I am just trying SO HARD to be happy. I used to be all about the strict healthy lifestyle, always eating ”super clean” and never allowing myself a treat. This made me develop anorexia to a point where I would barely eat. Then therapy helped me understand that I should enjoy life and I started enjoying it a little too much by restricting then binging at night. Binge eating disorder entered my life. Now I’m at a place where my body hates me and won’t reward me for the efforts I’m making by eating balanced meals and not binging (as often) anymore. My definition of a healthy lifestyle is being in sync with my body, nourishing it and treating it the way it deserves and hoping it’ll bring me joy and inner peace in return.
      I really liked your outlook so thank you for posting! xo

      1. You are so welcome! So sorry that you went through all of that, but you are strong girl and your body will start to trust you – you have to give it time. Don’t give up!!!xoxo

    1. I love this. Health is all about being comfortable in your body and living a lifestyle that allows for you to be happy and live with balance. I spent Easter in the middle of a gorgeous vineyard eating all the greek food. Aka heaven.

    1. A-freaking-MEN! I couldn’t have said it better myself, lady. The funny thing is that I’m so much healthier now than I was when I was eating 100% clean and analyzing every.single.aspect of my diet and fitness routine. That kind of stress and worry isn’t healthy for anyone… I really wish more people would realize it!

    1. Hell yea!! This is great, I definitely had bites of all the sugar on Easter!! I ran that morning so it’s OK! 😉

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