Consistency vs. Switching it Up

November 21, 2014

The health and wellness industry tends to constantly have contradicting information floating around. Take the media for example: one second they will tell you drinking coffee has tons of health benefits and everyone should have some, then a couple days later they will be like “too much coffee will kill you, stay away”. Okay, that’s a little exaggerated, but you get my point.



I’ll take the coffee, please. Even if it killed me. ; )

One thing that I do see all the time, is some people pushing that you must stay consistent in your workout and nutrition to see results, and the other people stating that you must switch things up to see results. It can certainly be confusing, especially for the people who are new to exercise and nutrition.

So which one is it? Well, both. But as with anything in health and fitness, IT DEPENDS. <— Those two words are probably the answer to 99% of health and fitness questions. Annoying, I know.

First, lets chat about consistency. I believe that it is one of the most important factors in reaching your goals. For example, hitting your macros everyday within just a few grams +/- your goal will yield results faster than if you are all over the place and are way off on your macros. You can’t expect to see results if one day you hit your macros perfectly, and then every other day you don’t even come close. It would be really hard to gauge where to go from there if you aren’t consistent.

Another example is staying consistent with your workouts. You should have a routine and a plan and stay consistent with that workout so you can get stronger on your lifts and try to improve the exercises you are doing. You can’t work on squats for one week and then not do them again for another 3 weeks and expect to improve your form or strength.


On the other hand, lets chat about switching it up. When do you switch things up – with your macros and your workouts? This comes in when whatever you are doing is no longer working for you. Lets say your goal is to lose 1 lb per week. If you hit your macros perfectly that week and kill it in the gym but you didn’t lose anything, you may need to switch something up. Sometimes dropping your macros slightly, or adding in a one more sprint to your HIIT session can do it for you. Another reason could be that you need a diet break. Sometimes weight loss or fat loss stalls, and taking a diet break can actually speed that up. It’s very individualized, but this is just another great example.

The body is very adaptable – it readily adapts to whatever environmental stress you are putting it through because it wants to survive. Think in terms of dieting – when you cut calories, your metabolism slows down to adapt to the current caloric intake. This is why it is important to switch things up when they are no longer working for you.


Have you heard some people say consistency and others say switch it up?

Any tips or input you’d like to share?


    1. Oooh this is something I’ve always been confused over – but I totally see what you mean about switching things up at the right time. I had a bit of a stall in my goals (mainly strength related) so I decided to get a personal trainer and allow them to change my routine – and it’s working! I generally welcome change, but remembering to stick things out is also key for me.

    1. What a good post explaining this girl!! The fitness world can definitely be so confusing sometimes!!! I’m still fan girling over your new blog design just FYI haha 🙂

    1. Good post! I think this gets confusing for a lot of people. You need to constantly getting better at the things you are doing – better squat and more on target with your diet to see results. Happy Friday!

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