You Have to Look at The Bigger Picture

June 15, 2015

I posted a photo the other day on instagram explaining how I was feeling lately. So many people I knew were competing this past weekend, and I just got super nostalgic and upset that I wasn’t. This past weekend was Jr. National’s, which is the show that I was initially prepping for before I decided not to compete this summer. I think that’s the main reason why I got upset, and because everyone else was super lean when I was doing quite the opposite. I just started feeling like I needed to jump right back into prep, I wanted to stop reverse dieting, and I just wanted to be up on that stage. However, I know that’s not an option right now.

I KNOW I need the time off to build my metabolism, to regulate my hormones, to give my body a break, to be relaxed and not stressed and just more flexible with life.

Yes, I’ve gained weight – I’m actually much heavier than I have been in a while, and I’m much softer and much curvier. But guess what? I’m eating enough food to support my body and it’s activity level, and enough food for it to trust me (aka: I got my period back) – which is SO important. I’m getting stronger in the gym. I have so much more energy, as well as mental focus and clarity. I’m much more flexible with not tracking all the time, with having a drink once in a while, and going out to eat (which I never am in prep). I’m eating a ton of food, and a ton of carbs. And I love my body, even though I have days where I don’t always have as much appreciation for it. I’m only human, after all!


Current physique. About 15 lbs heavier than I was 8-9 months ago but very happy with where I’m at 🙂

I think so many people go through this, especially competitors, which is why I wanted to express my feelings.

We start “cutting” and all we can think bout is how we can’t wait to start reverse dieting. We start reverse dieting and all we can think about is how we can’t wait to start getting leaner. It’s a never ending cycle.

I think that also causes people to quit too early, regardless if it’s cutting or reverse dieting. The second people start to feel like they’re not as lean they start cutting right away. I honestly think that’s a mistake because then you’re not making any progress, you’re just spinning the wheels and then coming back right to where you were before.

This is why PATIENCE is so important in fitness and it is so stressed. Just as you have to be patient when you are on a fat loss journey, you have to be patient when you are trying to build muscle.

Not only that, but it’s not healthy to stay SUPER lean all the time, especially for women. I know for me, it’s not even about being lean – it’s about my caloric intake. Whenever I drop calories, there goes my hormones. Dieting is a stressor, and your body doesn’t like to be constantly stressed.

It’s so important to look at the bigger picture. You want muscle? You need to EAT, lift weights, and give it time. Things do not happen over night, and while you may not be used to the feeling of not being super shredded, think about where you want to be and what you have to do to achieve it.




Has anyone else been through something similar?

    1. It sounds like you are much happier Brittany. I think life is about balance and we cannot be forced to one thing (whether that is one specific workout, project or just work). We should seek balance in everything, it helps us live. Great post and I’m so happy for you.

    1. yes!!!
      In fitness and in all of life baby steps to big things and lots of patience. Lots.

    1. Love this! How long do you typically successfully reverse diet? You are so right…being patient is SO hard…especially doing a reverse diet in the summer time!! Mentally i know it’s what’s best..but it is so easy to want to cut back. I’m trying to figure out when the time is right to actually do that. You look great!

      1. It all depends! Sometimes they say however long you have been dieting.. but it also depends on where you want to be and your goals.

    1. I feel your struggle. I have been reversing for over a year now in hope of bringing my best package to the stage for NPC Nationals in November. Unfortunately earlier this year I tore a hole in the lining of my abdominal wall and had to have a hernia repair surgery. Recovery was pretty short but long enough for me to lose significant muscle and gain some fat. I am currently not too happy with the way my body looks but I have used this time to enjoy some things that I usually don’t indulge in due to the lifestyle. Now I am not sure whether I will be ready to compete in November with the big guys mentally or physically. I am back in the gym again and strict on macros. Just going to trust in the process from here and try to get back to peak performance. Keep on keepin on sister!

      1. Oh no, I’m so sorry!!! I went through that with my gallbladder, definitely not a fun recovery. I was thinking about doing nationals, too! But I’m nervous I’m not up to par yet haha don’t worry about it, you’ll be back in no time!

    1. Amen! It’s amazing how easy it is to get caught up on looking “strong,” “healthy” and “lean” without feeling that way. I love how honest you are with your fitness journey and body image – and you look so happy and strong in this picture. Keep up the inspiring work!

    1. What’s interesting, is ever since I got boobs, I feel like I have gotten a little curvier as well, I keep thinking maybe it’s just my boobs, and I mean, maybe it is, because people keep telling me I look the same, but in my eyes, I just feel like I have gotten a little bit softer, and you know what… Just like you, I am A-OK with it! I love food too much to break up with it, ha haha!

      1. Right?? I feel like it’s my body’s way of compensating for what it didn’t have before or something IDK lol! I’m also reverse dieting, so it was kind of intentional! I like it though. And yes FOOD <3

    1. I think your message of loving yourself whether you’re at your leanest or a bit curvier is awesome. And for the record, you look awesome now and looked awesome when you were competing too!

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