Yes, I Turn Down Potential Clients.

August 28, 2014

Whaaaat? That’s right. I don’t work with everyone who comes to me asking for fitness or nutrition help waving money in my face. Why would I do such a thing?

The MAIN reason I will turn someone down, is if they tell me their goal is to lose weight/fat and THEY ARE ONLY EATING 900-1100 CALORIES.

This happens pretty often, and it breaks my heart to see girls go through this. Initially I ask someone their goal.. then I ask if they have any idea how much they are eating. When they tell me something as little as that, I tell them they only have two options if that is the goal they are after:

1. Cut calories even more/add in more cardio,


2. Reverse diet sloooowly and build their metabolic capacity.

I then tell them that unfortunately, I will not help them or work with them if they chose the first option. That is NOT healthy, and I will not do something like that to someone.

I understand.. girls have a hard time wrapping their head around eating more. I’ve been there, it made me nervous as well. But really, what is more important here? Losing some fat, or getting healthy and increasing your metabolic capacity? I’m 100% sure the answer to that is getting healthy.

You will not die increasing calories. In fact, it may be the best thing you could ever do. It certainly was for me.



I NEVER, ever, ever ate 1000 calories, always way more than that, but still probably too little for my body and the amount of calories I was expending when I was a long distance runner. I did this without realizing it, because I didn’t count calories or track macros. However, it still didn’t really benefit me and my body.

Reverse dieting helped me finally build muscle (hello quads!), eat more, get STRONG, restore my energy and balance my hormones. I wasn’t getting a period after going off birth control, and the only thing that brought it back was eating more. Yeah, would you look at that. My doctor never even thought of that.

Anyway, my point is, please do not be afraid to eat more. It is very necessary in some cases. If you are eating very low calorie and think your goal is to lose weight or fat, you need to reevaluate your goals.

Also, be wary of who you work with. A good coach WILL turn down clients if they are not in a healthy state wanting to get leaner. Health is always most important, not a 6 pack or being super lean.


What do you think?

Have you ever worked with a bad coach?

    1. So you’ll turn down clients asking for help because they are unhealthy?

      Your job is to help people reach healthy goals. Motivate people towards a healthy lifestyle.

      You have the opportunity to make a substantial difference in someone’s life, and you choose to send them down a path of destruction rather than redirecting them to health.

      I seriously hope you reconsider your tactics and if not, maybe your profession… You obviously know enough about fitness, but being a trainer is about genuinely inspiring people to go down a healthier track and improve themselves, not send them away because they have the wrong ideas about nutrition- teach them about optimal nutrition instead.

      1. No, I think you read the post wrong. I will turn down a client who is eating little to no calories and will not agree to INCREASING their calories to build their metabolic capacity. A lot of girls refuse to INCREASE their calories, and they just want to lose weight. I will not help someone LOWER their calories even more than they already are. That is not healthy. A coach who agrees to helping someone practically starve themselves is not a good coach or trainer. I tell them that they need to increase their calories for their health, not decrease. Helping someone reach their goal of weight loss when they are only eating 1000 calories means they have to eat LESS than that. That is NOT healthy.

        1. I love this so hard right now. And I knew exactly what you were trying to say. Your really can’t help people who don’t *want* help. It would be dangerous for you to agree to train them without them agreeing to up their calories. TOTALLY respectable.

          Also, just from the business perspective, you wouldn’t want other potential clients to think you promote unhealthy means to get “fit”. As much as personal training is aimed at helping others, it’s also a business. People tend to forget that. 🙂

          1. Yes, exactly! So glad you understand. It’s not even that, I just refuse to put someone’s health even more in danger. I’m all about promoting HEALTH, not only helping people get leaner. <3

    1. I was a trainer for a while before I decided to instead focus on coaching and wellness reviews with people – it made my ‘job’ in fitness a lot more wellrounded and took away that need for me to not work with others who weren’t in the mode to change or that wouldn’t show up to appts etc.

      1. That sounds like something I would love to do!

    1. Right with you girl. I am obv not a trainer ahha but so many girls email me from IG and ask me to “get abs” and “tone up” but dont want to eat more than 1000-1400 cals. In the beginning i was nice about it, but since now on IG I talk a lot about how annoying this gets and how you CANTTTTT build muscle in a deficit, I just dont help them. I usually just write an email back saying that I cant help them if they dont want to increase cals/carbs. Ive been there, eating less than 1000 cals a day, so i understand.. but i wasnt really asking for help since I knew what they would tell me. If these girls know how bad it is.. why even ask for help if you wont agree to it? Blah, what a ramble! Thanks for posting this Brittany!

      1. Yes, exactly!! It seriously breaks my heart when they say they won’t increase calories because they just want to lose weight. If you’re not losing on 1000 calories, there’s not much you can do. I refuse to put someone down the path of really hurting themselves 🙁 Love ya! <3

    1. The health and fitness world can be so beautiful and inspiring. You can see how far your body can go, how strong you can be or how fast you can be. However, there is this other side that seems to haunt it when appearances, comparisons and unreal expectations are set.
      I like the fact that you are encouraging the positive and wonderful side of this world. Little by little I think we can make this side that down the haunting side that hurts so many people. Great job!

      1. Yes, yes, yes! Couldn’t agree more. The unreal expectations are what I try to help people overcome! <3

    1. I think your approach is completely understandable. I applaud you for not supporting unhealthy habits. Sadly, lot of girls are more focused on getting a trainer to help them “get abs” rather than to actually get FIT and HEALTHY. I see this a lot on Instagram and social media especially. As an aspiring personal trainer myself, I am hoping to see an end to this trend and show people the importance of putting health and overall wellness over aesthetics.

      1. Thanks girly. I completely agree, and you will do great! <3

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