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September 26, 2014

Music makes the world go round… am I right? I love it, and I love all different types of music. However, when I workout, I like music that pumps me up, motivates me, and gets me excited to LIFT and do cardio. For me, it usually includes EDM/dance/party type of music, because that’s what gets me hyped up.

I always love seeing peoples recent workout playlists, because I get new ideas for good music. I’m also always really nosy to see what people are listening to. So, here’s mine!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.20.53 AM


These are my top songs lately. Basically I have a million songs on my phone and skip all of them until one of these come on. Never fails. Enjoy!

For the titles you may not be able to see..

1. Million Booties

2. Beating Heart (Cahill Radio Edit)

3. Goodness Gracious (Chainsmokers Remix)

5. Happy Home (Matoma Official Remix)

7. Revolution (Mike Shiver Remix)

8. Shadow of the Sun (Adventure Club Remix)

9. Adore You

10. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

11. Uma (Jenaux Remix)

12. Chasing Cars (Red Ashes)

13. We Could Be Heaven

14. Miami 82 (Vocal Mix)

20. Alive Paradise



What is your favorite workout song lately?

What type of music do you usually listen to while working out?

    1. I’m always on the hunt for new music, so this is awesome! I listen to a lot of Blackmill and Lindsey Stirling when I workout…but I also have my guilty pleasure pump-up songs, like Britney Spear’s “Work B*itch”

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