Will Getting Leaner Make You Happier?

January 5, 2016

Will Getting Leaner Make You Happier?

You wake up, head over to the scale, weigh yourself, and BAM – your mood instantly declines. You look in the mirror and immediately, your eyes start scanning your body and your mind is only focusing on the things you don’t like about yourself. All you can see is every imperfection, everything you don’t like about your body, everything you want/wish you could change about it.

You tell yourself “I’m going to get leaner, and then I’ll be happy”.

Does this sound familiar to you? I know it does to me. I’ve been there, and I can tell you from first hand experience that leaner does NOT equal happier. In fact, it actually turns out quite the opposite.

If you start your fitness journey hating your body, you certainly won’t learn to love it along the way. The leaner you may get, it will never be enough. You may be determined to change, and you set off and start another diet and another plan. You start restricting your food and exercising much more. You’re tired, hungry, and unhappy. What happens when you go through the process and finally reach your “goal”? Do you think you’ll be okay with that? I doubt it.

You will want to see the lower number on the scale, you’ll want to see a 6 pack instead of 4, you’ll want to see bigger muscles and less fat, and when you have reached your initial goal, whatever it may be, you’ll find yourself just as unhappy as before. You will most likely still pick yourself apart when you look in the mirror and want to take it another step further, then another, and another.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to constantly improve. Heck, you should always try to better yourself in one way or another – change is amazing and growth is one of the most important things in life. However, the problem with wanting to continue to change your body lies in the fact that your mindset is in the wrong place.

The problem isn’t your body, the problem is your mind.

Our minds are so, so powerful. They can be powerful in the best way possible, or even in the worst way possible.

You have to make sure your mind is in the right place before trying to focus on changing your body. If you only exercise or eat healthy because you hate your body, that is not the right mindset and I can guarantee you won’t even enjoy the process. In fact, it could make you completely miserable. No one wants to do something when they feel like they HAVE to.

You have to love yourself first, the way you are now, before trying to change your body. I can promise you your same mindset will follow you through the process of changing your body and could possibly even get worse along the way. If you love your body in its entirety before you set another goal, then yes, it’s more likely that you will continue love yourself every step of the way.

We are all perfectly imperfect. We all have flaws, and they are what makes us unique, they make you YOU and me ME.

We also tend to be our own worst critics, so be kind to yourself. Instead of looking in the mirror and picking apart every little detail and flaw that you don’t like, try to point out and focus on the things you do like. It all starts with the right mindset.

    1. Yes! Thank you for posting this – the last couple of days I have been less than positive about myself and trying to figure out where the negativity is coming from. Starting each day with a positive mindset does play a huge role in the attitude I have for the rest of the day and even how I interact with others in my life!

      This is my first visit to your site and I love it already 🙂

      Thanks for a great post!

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