Why The Scale is An Asshole

April 8, 2015

Not going to lie, I’ve been feeling super discouraged lately. You all know I’m always honest and transparent with you, so here I am, just wanting to blog and write down all of my feelings lately. I know I’ve been way more active on YouTube lately, but I really do miss blogging, so I’m definitely going to try and be more consistent with it.

So, onto the asshole named “scale”. I’ve been in prep for about 4-5 weeks now, and the scale as not budged. In fact, it has even gone up a little bit, but down? Nope. Initially I did lose a couple of pounds, but I went from no exercise at all from my surgery, to exercising and decreasing my calories a bit, so obviously I knew I would have an initial weight loss. I also lost some inches on my waist initially, but then it has stalled out.

I’m not really sure why it isn’t moving, but it sure is discouraging. This actually happened my last prep in the beginning, but definitely not for this long of a duration. So yes, I’m human, and it is super frustrating to not see that number drop.

I can tell clients and other people all day every day that the scale is not an the only measure of progress, but when you try to tell yourself, it definitely takes a little more to believe yourself. That’s why I always recommend people have coaches, even coaches!

Let me just clarify, I usually do NOT care about the number on the scale. I honestly could care less about what that number says, but when you’re on a time restraint due to competing on a specific date, you are hoping to see progress each week.  That’s the game of competing though, and yes you will definitely go through mental struggles – probably even more than physical. Maybe it’s because I’m planning on stepping on a national stage, that it is freaking me out more than usual.

However, when I was dwelling on the situation and having a little mini mental breakdown (may have cried a little LOL), I realized that the scale really does NOT show so many things – even in contest prep.

  • The scale does not show how much weight you lift in the gym.
  • The scale does not show how much bad-ass muscle mass you have.
  • The scale does not show how hard you are working and killing it every day.
  • The scale does not show if you have pooped. (Yup, I said it).
  • The scale does not show if you are on your period (ladies).
  • The scale does not show your body composition.
  • The scale does not show how you FEEL.
  • The scale does not show your energy level.
  • The scale does not show your quality of life.
  • The scale does not show how beautiful you are – inside and out.


All of those factors listed above are so much more important than that number. It’s very possible to be making progress, even if that number doesn’t move. It’s just a dang number.

Bottom line, the scale is an asshole. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder.

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    1. I KICKED THE SCALE OUTTA MY HOUSE YEARS AGO cause that fu**er can go eat a DI**! HA HA HA HA! Numbers do NOT DEFINE US!!! Our personalities define us! 🙂

    1. Asshole, indeed! I’m sure you’ll see the number decline in no time, but even if it doesn’t, I can see your progress via your vlogs over the last few weeks regardless of whether the asshole says you’re a few pounds leaner or not! Stay positive and fabulous, Brittany! You’re amazeballs!

      1. Aww thanks so much!! YOU are amazeballs 😀

    1. Did you write this partly to also reassure yourself of all these facts? I know I do sometimes when i post on my blog!

      youre amazing, brittany.

    1. Hi Brittany! The scale is definitely not a good measure of our whole fitness picture, just like you’ve said. I can understand that you’re getting discouraged — but perhaps you have to trust the process. If you’re killing it in the gym and eating right, then you MUST be making the changes you need somehow, whether the scale registers them or not. Keep on truckin’ girl! 🙂

    1. I emphatically agree with everything you just said. Especially the poop part….haha

      My issue is that I do a sport (rock climbing) in which bodyweight to muscle ratio matters. It sucks because even though I feel that I look okay, I know that losing a bit of weight would make me perform better. Obviously there is a point where that would no longer be the case, if I became underweight and too weak, for example, but because I am not at all underweight, it is extremely frustrating not to fret over losing 5 or 10…or maaaaybe 15 more pounds. Any advice on that front?

      1. hahhah yessss!!! wait, advice for what exactly? Losing weight?

        1. I guess advice on how to find one’s sweet spot of lowish bodyweight (for sports performance, not aesthetics) but still being as strong as possible? ha, a tall order, I know! And I also know it’d be different for everyone, etc. Just curious if you had any general thoughts about leanness versus strength sacrifices.

    1. YES! I try to tell people this all the time! This is why I prefer my clients (and myself) to use pictures regularly to judge their progress, not their weight. The scale only tells part of the story, and usually it’s a stupid part 🙂

    1. Yeppp the scale and I broke up long ago. I don’t own any type of scale anymore and I fully believe that when it comes to weight, ignorance = bliss. Obviously for someone competing it’s a little different, but in every day life there is literally no point at all to know your weight.

    1. TRUTH! I have come to somewhat a of a positive place with the scale, and I usually just avoid it. Once in a while I step onto it for reference, but I try not to let it mentally get to me!! Keep kickin ass and to hell with the number cruncher.

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