Why Everyone Should Get an Isobag

September 29, 2014


I’m sure when people see isolated coolers, they think “oh, I’m not a competitor, why would I need one?” Yes, this bag has helped me immensely during my prep so far. However, what I continued to ask myself was why didn’t I get one sooner? I’ll be honest, I thought the same way. “I’m not competing right now, it’s silly for me to get a bag like that.” Well, I was wrong.

This bag is certainly the ultimate lunch cooler. I used to use lunch bags to take to work, but the food would never stay fresh enough. I would use a ton of ice packs, only to see they would melt way too quickly, and my food did not taste as fresh. If I was packing something like dairy, forget it.. it would be gross and watery by the time I was ready to dig in.






I recently ordered the 3-meal isobag, and I am IN LOVE. Yes, I’m prepping for a competition right now, but I also believe in flexible dieting, as you may know. I don’t think you need to back 2304720349802394 meals to stay on track and reach your fitness goals. But personally, I love to pack a few things when I’m out and about for the day. Sure, I could easily stop somewhere and get something to eat. That is completely fine, and I definitely do that sometimes! But I also like to have what I’m in the mood to eat, or what fits my macros nicely with a lot of volume.

This size seemed perfect for me, since I usually pack my main meal like lunch, and then some snacks and maybe some refreshments. It also came with a TON of tupperware that fits the bag perfectly. This way, using the tupperware provided, it gives you more room to store more food. More food = always a win.


It has enough places to store anything you want, as well as ice packs and such to keep everything fresh. I’m the type of person that always wants to have food on hand, or else I get HANGRY. You know, you start getting angry because you are so hungry. No? Only me? 😉



The thing is, a lot of times you never know how long you will be out. For me at least, I’d rather be prepared than not. It only takes me a couple minutes to prep my lunch that I was going to bring with me anyway, and then throwing in a bunch of snacks takes 2 seconds.

Take it to the beach, to work, out running errands, anywhere! It’s a great size, and it’s pretty darn cute I might add 🙂 This is the best way to stay on track and have fresh, health meals readily available.

If you are interested in ordering, you can get a discount here!


Do you use an isolated cooler?

Are you one of those people who always like to have snacks on hand?

    1. This does look like a good bag. And it has lots of room… I do like to pack my own food along with me.

    1. Bag twins! I seriously just got that same (size and color) Iso bag last week and I love it so far! I have always been a pack-and-go girl and the Iso bag is definitely an improvement from the coolers I used to use. It holds SO much and I only have the “three meal” version! It stays cold all day too, which is not always the case with some cooler bags.

      1. Sooo funny! Great minds think alike 😉 I got the 3 meal as well, and it’s the perfect size! Love it

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