Why Clothing Sizes Don’t Matter

May 22, 2015

Everyone talks about the number on the scale. Either about how it drives them crazy, or why they need to ditch it and forget about it. Which, I agree with the latter, because it really is a piece of shit and doesn’t mean much. However, no one really talks about clothing sizes, but I think I need to do just that.

So, you vow to start lifting weights and you want to gain some muscle to achieve that “toned” look, right? People always say that the number on the scale may go up, but do you expect to fit into the same size pants?

All of a sudden you start to grow some leg muscles – defined quads, toned hammies, and of course a BOOTY. All hail the booty. Your pants start to get tight and not fit. You feel uncomfortable and then you freak out and think that you are getting fat and that you have to stop lifting because it’s making you “bulky” or you have to start restricting your calories or doing a shit ton of cardio or something insane.

But guess what? Has anyone ever thought that you may just need to buy BIGGER SIZES? *Gasp* The horror.


No, but really.

For some reason people equate bigger numbers to fat. Um, no. Look in the mirror – do you look huge? I highly doubt that. I’m sure you have amazing, beautiful, toned, strong legs. Actual SHAPE and muscle to them, and actually some sort of butt.

I’ll admit, I am so, SO guilty of getting a little bit anxiety going into the fitting rooms and trying on pants. I mean, for so long I’ve been a similar number in pant sizes – but I had a completely different body then. Why do I think that now that I’m 23-years-old, actually lift weights have have leg muscles and a butt, that I will still fit into the clothes that fit me in high school when I had much less muscle? It shouldn’t! For some reason I just keep trying to fit into my old clothes, or the same sizes. I always go shopping for new pants and try on junior sizes, but they just do not fit my body type anymore. I feel so much better and more comfortable in misses, so I just need new sizes, damn it.

Story time about how sizes are dumb anyway.

Yesterday I needed black dress pants for work. I remembered I had some in the closet, found them and saw they were a size 2, and I was like ok I can fit! My ass was like “lol, no” and I was like dang. I guess I need to go shopping.

So, I went to the store and had no idea what to try on. Of course, in my mind I’m still in junior sizes so I took like five pairs of pants – 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. (Some were misses, the even numbers, and some were juniors, the odd).

I tried on the 9 first.. TIGHT. Instant anxiety. “WTF a 9 is tight??? Holy crap. I’m huge”

I tried on the 7.. TIGHT, but the 9 was tighter. “WTF? That makes no sense. Whatever, I’ll try on the 5 but I doubt it’ll even go over my damn calf.”

I tried on the 5.. Fit perfectly. “Um…. is this the right size?” Checked again. Yup, a 5. Ok, so a 7 and a 9 is tight as heck but a 5 fits perfectly. Makes total sense.

I tried on the 6.. TIGHT. Ok.

I tried no the 4.. Fit fine but not as comfortable as the 5. “This is BS”.

This is just a scenario about why the sizes DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING! Every store is different, every brand is different, every size is different. It has no rhyme or reason, so why do we care about sizes? Who cares if it’s bigger? I’m pretty sure no one is going to look at you and be like “WOW, I LOVE YOUR LEGS! Oh, but you wear a size “x”? Never mind, too big, I don’t like them anymore.” No. That will never, ever happen. And who cares what people think anyway. The most important thing is that you love your body and you love yourself.

Screw sizes. Screw numbers. Neither of that means shit.

Buy clothes that fit your body because when things fit properly, it makes you feel good. Don’t buy clothes based on certain numbers and try to squeeze into them. You wouldn’t buy smaller shoes just because they are a smaller number, would you? No, so why would you do the same with pants.


Basically 😉


Are you guilty of getting anxiety over clothing sizes?



    1. I guess I do… Ever since I embarked on my fitness journey, I find that clothes don’t fit in various way. Not to mention that H&M changed their sizes (I used to be size 38 and now I find myself looking at sizes 36 or even 34 o_O I don’t care what size I wear but it’s nice to have some orientation when I go to a shop – it makes the whole process much faster.

      1. Agreed lol but it never works out that way! That’s why I hate shopping

    1. I rarely go shopping, especially for trousers since it’s a pain in the ass to find one that fits. Either they fit at the top but are too long (I’m a short girl), or they’re way too tight, and don’t even go above my knees…..wtf. You’re story is hilarious though! Size numbers are so ambiguous. In the summer I mostly go for skirts and dresses, no problems with big thighs 😉 In the winter I wear old jeans that fit, hahaha!

      1. For me they’re too tight, too big, or too short since i’m tall haha!! Dresses are the best!

    1. YES to this. I never got into lifting but clothes just started not fitting due to necessary gain weight just to be healthy. And I would at first freak out wearing clothes that were no longer the XS sizes when no one else in the world sees the sizes or cares. And you’re so right that there is such a range and sizes are so inconsistent. I have a range of like 5 sizes in my closet depending on the brand, fit, etc and it does not matter! I know sizes are there to guide you when shopping but I kind of wish all sizes were cut off from the tags and you just try on a bunch of things and get what feels best lol. In a dream world.

      1. Yes, same!!! Sizes are all over the place. Me too girl haha

    1. You mean you don’t have people running up to you and grabbing at your pants so they can check the tag? 😆 You’re so spot on, girl. Sizes are ridiculous, and even more so because they’re not constant across the board. In one store I might be an XS, and in another I might be an XL. True story. And I always have issues with jeans after the winter when my legs are rocking some serious muscle from snowboarding. But thats definitely not something I’d be willing to give up just to be able to go down a size.

      1. ALL THE TIME!!! hahah not! So true, same here girl. I love my muscle!

    1. Girl I so love this post! You are spot on with every bit of it. Why are we so hung up on the number? It’s ridiculous! I still don’t like my “big” booty but not much I can do unless I stop lifting.

    1. AMEN!!! Clothing sizes (especially girls’) are always such a trip down the rabbit hole! That’s why I usually take Alice in Wonderland’s approach and rock a dress or a skirt cause they don’t mind my growing booty! 😉

      1. yessss me too!!! team no pants haha

    1. I am definitely guilty of this and my clients definitely express this concern to me as well, once they start training with me, which obviously involves strength training. All these stupid numbers that we women obsess over, when instead we should look in that mirror and see those strong, defined, and beautiful muscles and love them for what they allow us to do. Plus the sizing these days is all sort of messed up…EVERYWHERE!

      1. EXACTLY!!! screw numbers, I love muscle 😀

    1. This is a much needed post! I just had a baby so don’t even get me started on how I feel about what size I might be now. It really really doesn’t matter though. I’ve had the same experience as you too. I can’t fit into anything in juniors and that sizing is all off but I’m like a 2 in misses sizing. I actually own a 2, 4, 6, and 8 all from the same brand (American Eagle). Just goes to show that it means nothing!

    1. It is frustrating hunting for clothes now that I’ve lost the weight. My husband and son roll their eyes at me when I go shopping with the gaggle of sizes I bring to the fitting room.

    1. This is very true. I’ve mentioned this in one or the other post of mine as well, sizing is totally different across companies and even more so across countries.

      After pregnancy I took up practicing Karate to get into shape. People after awhile started to compliment me on my “weight loss” and I thusly informed them that in fact I didn’t lose any weight, that the balance was at the same number as before pregnancy (I did of course lose the pregnancy weight), but due to fat becoming muscle I was now slimmer.

      Have a nice Sunday!

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