When and Why to Forget About “Balance”

February 13, 2016


I feel like this is a word thrown around a lot lately, and everyone is talking about it – either finding balance, having balance, what is balance even, etc. Lets start with what is balance? Well, I’m sure it will mean something different to everyone, very much like the word “healthy” is different to everyone.

Lets start with a fitness example, of course. Some people may think balance means not counting their macros and exercising how and when they want, but some people may feel more balanced when they do count their macros and having a specific plan to follow. Neither way is right or wrong, it’s just different to different people. I feel like there is a lot of tension around this word, very much like there is a lot of tension in regards to the nutrition plan people like to follow in their fitness journey. There are little “clique’s”, lets say – you know, the iifymers, the clean eaters, the paleo crossfit crew, the hardcore vegans, etc. Same with the whole “balance” thing – there are the people who eat intuitively, the people who compete, the other fitness crew that just likes to be healthy. Are any of these ways wrong? In my opinion, no.

Who cares what everyone is doing? Who cares what other people may think is balanced? Who cares what people are eating? There is some sort of infatuation with what everyone ELSE is doing in this industry, and less people focused on themselves.

I love the word “balance” and I am ALL for it. You have to do what you feel is most balanced to you, and what you feel is BEST for you. But in all honesty? Sometimes balance needs to get the F out of the way. In order to reach a goal, sometimes you have to put balance aside and pick it back up at a later date.

If you were starting your own business, would you be super lackadaisical about working? Oh, you know, I’ll just work when I want because “balance”. NO. You would work your ASS off and do everything you possibly could in order to succeed. You would sleep less, you would sometimes miss out on going out to get work done, you may be on your phone or email more often than you were before, you may be working 80 hours a week. This is essential in order to make your new baby business survive, grow, and thrive. Sometimes this is needed to be done in fitness. Take competing for example – there are the people who compete and will do whatever it takes to reach their goal, then there are the other people who are bashing what they’re doing saying it’s ridiculous that they would weigh everything, track every ounce of food, get their cardio in, etc. Sometimes this is NECESSARY, and in both of these cases it is. Do you think Arnold was just like “whatever man, lets skip our workouts and get hammered tonight” on his road to the stage? Heck no!

This doesn’t only have to be in regards┬áto competing, it can be in regards to anything. In order to reach a goal, or to do something super significant in life, you need to do whatever it takes to get there. This includes stepping outside of your comfort zone, doing things even when you don’t want to or aren’t up for it, going the extra mile, pushing past your breaking points, overcoming struggles and triumphs, and standing up every time you get knocked down. The road to success is never linear. It will be HARD, no matter what you are trying to achieve, and it won’t always be balanced. Like I said, there is a time and a place for balance, but some times it’s necessary to push it aside and do what is necessary in order to achieve your goals.


    1. To me, balance is like perfection. Everyone’s interpretation of it is different. For example, someone’s perfect doesn’t involve a six pack, whereas someone else’s does. My balance doesn’t require devouring a pizza every Saturday, others’ do. We’re all different–I agree!

    1. Yes. I’m all for balance when used properly. That being said…balance is often a term people hide behind when they don’t want to “work their ass off” to accomplish difficult things, or used to cast judgement on other people’s “extremeness” or dedication to something by juxtaposing that lifestyle choice to their own personal balance requirements. If that makes sense. I wrote a post on the differences between STATIC and DYNAMIC balance in life (if you’re interested) http://thoroughlythriving.com/nourish/fail-at-balance/). There are also some pretty compelling articles out there about how the most successful people don’t seek out or prioritize balance, per say. They are rather more intentional about being fully engaged when it’s go-time and planning strategic off seasons. But if you look at their weekly or monthly schedule, you wouldn’t say “oh, this person has a balanced life.” Anyway, it’s a topic I enjoy mulling over from time to time. ­čÖé

    1. I just wrote a post about the perception of words. I think everyone’s definition of the word balance is very different. For some that means balancing their personal and work life, others it means balancing fitness and health. Great post Brittany!

    1. absolutely love every word of this. sometimes people need a swift kick in their ass to realize that balance can mean laziness (myself included). I find myself grabbing a cupcake or skipping the gym and saying oh its okay, i’m being “balanced”.. until it happens three days in a row and I realize I’m hiding behind the word. Keep up the great blog posts!!

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