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What NOT to Do When Trying to Lose Weight

June 30, 2017

The act of weight loss or fat loss has become so complicated for so many people due to all of the misconceptions, scams, and (excuse my language) bullshit that has surrounded it. Between crash dieting, crazy different diets, cutting out entire food groups, detox teas, waist trainers, and a ton of other irrational ways to ” lose weight”, no wonder people are confused!

Today I want to squash all of those illogical weight loss tips you hear and to help you and correct some of the mistakes you may have made or could have made.

  1. Do not crash diet & do not have unrealistic expectations.
    • This is so important. Crash dieting can cause major harm in the long run, and it is NOT something you will be able to sustain. You want sustainable, lifelong changes! Unrealistic expectations also set you up for failure. Be realistic, be SMART. This is your health and your body we are talking about – treat it kindly.
  2. Don’t follow a specific diet and think it will magically work
    • Certain diets like the paleo diet (for example) may work for some people. But blindly following these diets expecting them to work “magically” is illogical. Ultimately, it comes down to being in a negative energy balance – regardless of the “diet” you choose to follow. Essentially, diet means a way of eating. Chose a way of eating that you can see yourself following the rest of your life. If not, it won’t be sustainable.
  3. Do not cut out complete food groups
    • Completely cutting out carbs or completely cutting out fats is not something you want to do. We need ALL macronutrients – proteins, carbs, and fats. We also need micronutrients, which are vitamins and minerals), as well as fiber. Each food group is there for a specific reason. Sure, you can limit some food groups, but completely cutting them out is unnecessary. Carbs are not bad. Fats are not bad. No food is “bad”. Yes, eat mostly Whole Foods that come in their most natural state, but you still need each macro.
  4. Do not fall for scams
    • Detox teas. Waist trainers. Lose x amount of pounds in x amount of days. Creams. Pills. All of these are completely and utter B.S. We have a liver that detoxes us naturally, and waist trainers and pills are just dangerous. All of theses scams are simply marketing gimmicks to make money. DO NOT FALL FOR THEM.
  5. Do not focus on cardio only or doing too much too fast
    • A huge misconception is that people should only do cardio to lose weight and not weight train so they don’t get bulky. WRONG. You must have a proper training program focusing on progressive overload and then you can SUPPLEMENT that with some cardio. You want to build a lean, shapely physique? You need to weight train.
  6. Do not rely ONLY on diet or ONLY on exercise – they go hand in hand
    • Unless you’re injured or something of that nature, you want to focus on BOTH diet and training. You can’t expect to train and not have your diet in check and make progress. You also can’t expect to have your diet in check but no proper training program and make great progress – you need both.
  7. Do not focus on the scale only
    • The scale is a great way to measure progress, but it shouldn’t be the ONLY way. So many things affect the number on the scale – hormones, stress, water, sodium, female monthly visitor, and more. Focus on how you feel, how you look, measurements, clothes fitting, etc.
  8. Do not let it take over your life and consume it in a negative way 
    • The most important tip. It’s a lifestyle change – fitness should ENHANCE your life. Remember that.

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