What I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

September 17, 2014

Hello, hello! Happy Wednesday! I haven’t joined the WIAW train in a hottttt minute, so I figured it’d be fun to join in today. Make sure to link up and join!

Although, it’s more of a what I’ve been eating and drinking lately. I never remember to photograph all of my food in one day. And lets be real, not all of it is pretty or even looks appetizing. Nobody got time to make everything look delicious, especially when I’m hungry ha.


ALL THE PUMPKIN. Jif whips are freaking awesome, I like the brown sugar better though. The coconut macaroon coffee tastes like a sugar cookie, like I’ve stated in another post. So good.



Wafffffles. I posted the base recipe on my instagram a little while back!



Staples. Costco veggies are my life. I eat a ton of veggies, and these are perfect. Oh, and eggs/egg whites are my favorite protein.



Omelets, turkey bacon, and my cinnamon sugar chips. Favorite breakfast as of lately!






More flavored coffee!!! These are freaking amazing, too. I’m obsessed.


More pumpkin, sorry not sorry. But really, this was perfect. Try it nooooow.


Go to trader joe’s for one thing.. leave with much more. Every time. KABOCHAAAAAAA (been looking for this for like, a year, nbd), turkey bacon, greek yogurt, sketti squash, chunky guac. Yaaassss.




Sometimes you need a simple sandwich. This is just tuna and veggies on my new favorite bread!



Found this at Target, of course. It is delicious, soft, and have minimal ingredients. I’m a fan.







Sometime’s I’m all about “give me all the veggies.” Like this lovely salad, that I thoroughly enjoyed..

And other times..



Give me ice cream, cereal, and peanut butter 😉 This was epic. A mix of frozen greek yogurt, arctic zero, peanut butter panda puffs, jif whips, and sun butter. DELICIOUS.


What have you been loving lately?

What staples do you buy at Costco?

    1. So much pumpkin. So much squash. I think we’re all in the same boat! 😉 haha. How did you like the pumpkin Jif? I wasn’t crazy about it! Which is probably a good thing, since I’d be tempted to eat the whole jar, haha.

      1. I wasn’t tooo crazy about it either. I liked the brown sugar better 😉

    1. OMG the Jelly Donut Coffee – fan-freaking-tastic. Not sure I will ever get tired of it – have you tried it cold? OMG. I’ll be sure to pick up the coconut macaroon at Target next time – their smores was sooo good! Love all the pumpkin everything 🙂 Tis the season and I love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing WIAW!!

    1. I go to Costco every week, I cannot get enough. Spinach, apples, bananas, chips, crackers, almond butter, sometimes a sweet treat, oranges, beans, quinoa, granola, dates, figs, chocolate chips, frozen berries, and probably more…basically produce galore and a few snacks!! I eat so much produce I MUST buy at Costco! HA.

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