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November 12, 2014

I have been seriously slacking on my food photos lately. One of these days, I will get everything I eat in an entire day! But for now, it seems to work best when I show what I have been eating lately, within the past week or so. Make sure you link up with Jenn!

As you all know, I’m reverse dieting since my show. My body has responded VERY well thankfully, and I’m actually still under my stage weight. I’ve already increased 50g carbs, and I don’t remember how many fat, but that is pretty good for only being about 2 1/2 weeks post-comp.



I will never get sick of this combo. Brussels and butternut/kabocha squash sautéed in coconut oil is my favorite.






Pumpkin pancakes topped with coconut butter. Yes.



Can you tell I like simplicity? Steak and chicken, japanese yam, and veggie.



Eggs n’ toast topped with guac and laughing cow cheese. 



White girl-ing so hard with this breakfast. Gotta love it though.

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You guys will get sick of me posting about this I’m sure. But seriously, it’s so.freaking.good. Mines practically gone, and I can’t stop eating this, specifically scooping out the chocolate chips. This stuff is legit you guys.







Coffee on coffee on coffee. I usually have hot in the morning, and then iced if there is some left over 🙂 Florida isn’t very fall-like, as you may know, so I can still get away with the iced coffee.



THESE EXIST. I haven’t tried the peppermint yet, but I have had the pumpkin. YES. Just yes.




I’m pretty sure this one is self-explanatory. I added this to my collection of 2034982034 jars of nut butter. Worth it.


What have you been eating lately?

Hot or iced coffee?


      1. I drink hot 99% of the time, but iced is good when it’s super hot in the afternoon. Tis the season is right!

    1. I love those Think Thin bars! I’ve had both the peppermint and the pumpkin and I prefer the peppermint so make sure you try it ASAP! Of course, I’m drawn to anything that says “limited edition” on it. Stock up! 😉

      1. Oh, I will!!! So am I haha I HAVE to buy something if it says that. It’s a problem.

    1. Both of those nutbutter – gimme. I would have a hard time to keep either one longer than 3 days though! 🙂
      You oother plates look just like mine – especially the omelette, I make it the same way! Gotta love it simple.

    1. Oh my this has really made me want to be in the US where I can get hold of these amazing foods! That nut butter… should be illegal! So good. I’m a total seasonal coffee drinker – iced in the summer, hot (and preferably pumpkin flavoured! ) in the winter 😉

      1. Same here! Ahhh it really should be illegal. Too delicious.

    1. HOW GOOD is the Think Thin Pumpkin Spice? I had it a few days ago and thought it was fantastic. And always yes to pumpkin o’s I’m hording an extra box for when they stop making them. Which better be never.

      1. So freaking good!!!I know I’m going to cry when they are gone.

    1. I’m pretty sure coconut butter would taste good on dirt, I love it so much. I think it’s my fave nut butter spread ever…if it even counts as one.
      I want those think thin pumpkin bars asap.
      HOT coffee! All day, everyday.

      1. YES so good. It’s a subtle crunch though. Not like regular crunchy nut butter or anything, but still incredible!

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