Want a Bigger Booty? Here is the Secret How.

July 1, 2015

GLUTES. Butts. Booty. It’s all the rage these days about how to get a bigger butt, how to grow it, and everyone seems to have a “booty builder” program out for people to buy.

I used to be someone who had no butt, but I have managed to grow it a bit recently. A while back, I would constantly try to build my glutes but nothing worked. I did all the exercises, squats, isolation, etc. but nothing really worked and my butt stayed the same size. Sure, it was shapely and perky, but that didn’t help in the area of actually growing it bigger.

However, there is one thing that I did not do back then that I have done now that truly has helped me grow my glutes.

The secret? I gained weight.


This is about a 15 lb difference between these two photos. Obviously it’s not huge, but it’s definitely bigger than it was.

Gaining weight was a result of eating more food and doing less cardio. Your butt is a muscle, and to grow muscle you must eat more calories than you expend. It seems as if everyone wants to grow their muscles, but they are scared to actually see the number on the scale rise.

I did it slowly by increasing calories each week and only gaining about .5 lb per week. However, I did have to gain in order to see the progress. I needed to gain weight, as I was only 125 at 5’9 on the left. I was one week out from my first competition, so that definitely isn’t a sustainable weight for me at my height.

So many times people say they want to build muscle but they don’t want to gain weight. Usually that will not be the case.

While “booty building” exercise are important (mixing compound lifts as well as isolation exercises), it is only one part of the equation. You need a combination of training and nutrition to see the progress. If you just do one or the other, you will not magically see results.

So if you are one of those people that want one thing but are afraid to do what may make a difference (such as gaining weight), think about what it is you truly want. There is nothing wrong with not gaining weight, and there is nothing wrong with gaining weight. Forget numbers and just think about what it is your goal truly is.


Have you ever had to gain weight?






    1. I feel like the idea of gaining weight is terrifying for people who really need it because our culture tells us the thinner we are, the better. But that’s not true at all. I had such a mental block when my doctors told me I needed to gain weight years ago and while I was going through the process, any comments about how “healthy” I looked immediately made me think I was “fat.” But I wasn’t. I was finally healthy for my height at a sustainable size for my body. Love this post!

      1. so true!!! I did too. Now I feel amazing and much healthier at this weight!

    1. you look amazing! So you gained weight, but how did it all workout with regard to your overall size? Did the weight go anywhere you didn’t really want it to? Or did u gain inches in places that you didn’t want to?

      1. Yes of course. You can’t only gain weight in some areas and not others. My clothing sizes are up a bit in some types of clothes like jean shorts and stuff because booty gains = bigger clothes haha. I also did gain a bit of fat, you can’t NOT gain fat when you gain muscle but I kept it to a minimum by increasing slowly

        1. That’s the boat i’m in right now. I’m loving the muscle gain i’m getting…but i’m getting a bit of fat gain and now sure how and when is the right time to try and lose that.

    1. Interesting! I actually wrote a post today on food density since I recently put on about 5 pounds in order to gain some muscle. I am naturally thin too and it is not an easy thing to do.

    1. Ah ha ha!! THE SECRET IS OUT! 😉 Booty = a little weight gain. I think I have gained a little weight since….. My ladies took up residence on my chest, but at the same time, I think it looks pretty good. I am working more on tone right now – and will be really focusing on it after the month of July when I am back from all my travels — cannot wait to tell you about them, he he — But for now, I am doing 5 minutes of wall sits and 5 minutes of planks every day and of course my mad ass cardio and some weights in the gymmmm. I live in there. HA HA.

      PS: you’re hot. LOL!

    1. I’ve been called ‘Plank’ for most of my life due to having no butt at all. I somehow managed to perk it up thanks to working out and cutting but now I plan to eat more and grow some more butt! 🙂 Hopefully it works out fine.

    1. Thank you for this post! I have the same exact problem with wanting to gain muscle but hating the scale when it goes up. I know I can’t gain muscle without gaining weight but it’s really hard to get over the mental block! I’m 5’5″ and 110-115 and I know I should probably gain 10-15 lbs if I wanna see any major muscle growth but I’m SO scared that my clothes won’t fit! 🙁

      1. Honestly, they probably won’t. Some of mine do, but some of mine don’t. That’s what happens with muscle gain! Doesn’t mean you gained a ton of fat though!

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