Top Five Gifts to Get for A Female Fitness Fanatic

December 20, 2015

Top Five Gifts for the Female Fitness Fanatic

I usually never do gift posts because I rarely even do gifts in my family. To me, the holiday’s are about spending time with loved ones and Jesus. However, I do LOVE giving gifts, and these are some of my favorite things that IĀ personally have myself and know that other fitness fanatics would love them as well!!

I am not getting paid to share these products, but some of these include affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog as always šŸ™‚

    • Slingshot Hip Circle – I recently just bought this, and it is definitely one of the best purchase I’ve madeĀ in a while. I’ve been using it mostly for mobility & warming up before leg days, and I feel like it has helped a lot already! It can also be used while doing certain leg exercises like hip thrusts, squats, and leg press to name a few.


Reactive Slingshot by Mark Bell (141-180lbs – Large)

  • Fitmark BagĀ – There are so many different bags to choose from, so finding the perfect one is key. There are some meal cooler bags, as well as some more stylish gym bags. I have both the shield and the athletic tote, and I love them both!


Fitmark The Shield Reg Lavender 1 Bag by Fitmark


  • Versa Gripps – These are EVERYTHING. Seriously, I’m not really sure how I could even lift heavy before I got these babies. I feel so much stronger while using these, doing any pulling-type exercise. It is especially helpful for deadlifts and allows you to not have to focus on your grip so much, and just focus on lifting the heavy weight.


Versa GrippsĀ® FIT Glove Weight Lifting Straps Hooks (FIT-pink-small)

  • Harbinger Weight Belt – IĀ never used to use a weight belt, but after getting sciatica and wanting to improve my lifts I figured it was time to invest in one. I’ve tried a couple of others and didn’t like how they felt. However, I decided to try this brand, which apparently is designed for women, and I absolutely love it! I love how it is velcro, so you don’t get stuck with the in-between too tight and too loose phase.


Harbinger Women’s 5-Inch Foam Core Lifting Belt, Medium

  • Ankle Strap – Talk about taking booty building to another level! Seriously though, this is my favorite thing to bring into the gym on a glute day. I feel as if it isolates the glutes so much more than when I have used just the attachment that is usually at the gym.


Contraband Black Label 3025 3inch Double Ring Pro Ankle Cuff


So there you have it! These are five of my favorite gym accessories, and I know they would be wonderful gifts for the fitness fanatic in your life.


What is your favorite gym accessory?

AnythingĀ specific you’d like?

    1. Okay, so many thoughts! First of all, I’d like to see how you use the hip circle. Second, I completely agree about the wrist grips/straps. I literally think I will never do deadlifts without them again. And third, I really want to try that weight belt now! I had sciatica problems too and really want to start lifting heavier, so I have been looking into what belt to get. I trust your opinion šŸ™‚

    1. Hiya! First of all, hope you had a good start to the New Year šŸ™‚ Secondly, with regards to the belt (which I am really interested in buying due to back problems and really need some good support while lifting), are they true to size? I researched some reviews and there were buyers who said that their sizing is a tad bigger than the norm. I am a waist 25-26″ so I’m torn between the XS and S…What is your opinion?

      On another note…miss your vlogging ( I know that you’re busy AF ) I don’t know if the other followers agree but we really miss a full day of eating episode or just any random day in life šŸ™‚

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