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May 29, 2014

Oh heyyyy. I decided I wanted to join in on the thinking out loud link-up that Amanda hosts each week! Who doesn’t love a bunch of random word and picture vomit? Yeah, thought so..



1. First of all, how the heck is May already over? This month seriously FLEW by. Crazy.

2. Everyone is always happy it’s summer, and I am, but it’s already brutally hot here in Florida. Beach days get rarer in the summer for me. When it’s 90+ degrees and about 250% humidity, you will literally DIE if you’re in the sun too long. Well, I do. Maybe I’m just a grandma.



Can’t beat a tan though..

3. TRADER JOES OPENED NEAR MY HOUSE!!!! This is huge, people. There were no trader joes in Florida not too long ago, and now they are poppin’ out stores like crazy. And now there is one 5 minutes from my house!



4. Speaking of groceries, how many times to you all go food shopping? I swear i’m ALWAYS. IN. THE. STORE. I’ll go and buy my main things for the week, then I always forget stuff or run out of other stuff I thought I didn’t need and have to go back. Never ends.

5. Have you guys ever tried Halo Top Creamery?!


I’m always a little skeptical about protein ice creams, similar to arctic zero. BUT, this one has a totally different texture, it’s smoother, and delicious! I really liked it. I want to try the other flavors because they sound deeeeelicious.



I was obviously excited. And you can eat the whole pint… just sayin’.

6. I know it’s legit only been a couple weeks, but I miss California already. I’m dying to get back.. or move there.



I’ll live on this ledge, it’s cool.

7. Accurate.



What are your favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s?

What’s the weather like where you live?

    1. In Houston it is hot and humid, but we have been having weird monsoons all week, but the sun is finally out today and it looks beautiful! TJ’s is a quick walk for me and I always buy flowers, a box of fresh jalapeΓ±os, and wine. So random, but you can’t beat the prices…LOL!

      1. I think Houstin is similar to Florida weather-wise, so I’ve heard! Totally agree about the prices. SO awesome!

    1. Trader Joe’s is the best thing that ever happened to me. I shop there at least once a week!

      1. YES! It’s amazing. Their nut butters for one. Their cheap organic produce. and wine. Too much great stuff about that store;)

    1. I complain about the cold up here in Canada, but honestly… I’m not made for the heat, and especially if humidity is involved. On my last trip to Hawaii, I got all sorts of grouchy if I got too hot, and that’s saying nothing about the heat rash that my body decided to bust out if I spent too long in the sun. I guess I’m just meant to be a Northerner πŸ™‚

      1. I complain every single day about the heart LOL I want to be a northerner! Dying to visit Canada, too.

    1. Ok, so I’m officially jealous you have a TJs. I think everyone does but us in Arkansas – as for weather … hot/humid/hot/humid. Now, I must go investigate this Halo stuff!

      1. Ahh I hope Arkansas hops on board soon!!! Yes to halo top πŸ˜€

    1. Girl, I share your TJ’s excitement!! We’re about to get our first one in Orlando and I seriously want to take off work to go on the very first day. FINALLY Florida starts to get some! πŸ™‚

      Also, the heat. I know we shouldn’t complain but…..I feel like I’m going to die if I’m outside too long too. We can both be grandmas. πŸ˜‰

      1. Yaaayyy Orlando!!! I was so happy when I lived in Gainesville and they opened one there, and now they are popping up everywhere! Oh, I complain 24/7 about the heat, I hate it haha!

      1. WHAT!!! I need to send you some goodies!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ahhh I would be just as excited if a TJs opened that close to me too! The closest one to me is about 50 minutes and yes- I make special trips every now and then to go stock up. True story.

      1. I would totally do that, too. So happy it opened near me!

      1. it’s brutal here, too, except HEAT-wise!!

    1. Yay for Trader Joe’s! I spend way to much money at that place because I am literally surrounded by them. I jst tried Halo Top (the lemon cake) for the first time yesterday and loved it. Seriously so much better than arctic zero, and it didn’t upset my dairy-sensitive stomach at all!

      1. SAME!!! So happy about that haha

    1. I could have seriously written this post, scary! (especially that last picture, haha, so funny!). Its actually embracing how many times I go to the store for food, I must go EVERYDAY with some sort of list, but thinking about it, fresh groceries go off quickly so it can only be a good sign that we aren’t living out of the freezer, right?


    1. Okay, come back to California. Pleeeaaaseee…
      If you come to LA then we could totally hang out and eat ice-cream and go hiking and do all sorts of other amazing things. Plus, we don’t have that Florida humidity! πŸ˜‰

      I’m super intrigued by that ice-cream! I’m going to be on the lookout for it next time I’m grocery shopping. And speaking of grocery shopping, I’m constantly at the store too. Like 4 times a week, probably. It’s ridiculous.


      1. Girl, I am planning on moving to LA VERY SOON! Once I get my degree, I am out of here! hahaha then we can eat ice cream and hike and allll of that πŸ˜‰

    1. I feel ya on the Trader Joe’s excitement- we recently got one 25 minutes from where I live and I love it!! They have the best wine selection & great prices πŸ™‚ And yea, I’m always buying groceries- it’s ridiculous how much I food shop..

      1. yes, cannot beat the 2 buck chuck!! haha

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