Thinking Out Loud

November 6, 2014

I always love reading Amanda’s thinking out loud posts, so I figured I would just join in! A bunch of random thoughts on one page.. my kind of style.



1. Does anyone else have TONS of halloween candy leftover? I literally had no trick or treaters, so I legit have an entire bowl. More for me! Reese’s will always be my favorite.. it’s the chocolate and peanut butter combo that I’m a sucker for. What’s yours?



2. On that note, this made me die of laughter. Why does everyone skip over Thanksgiving? It’s my favorite!! I mean come on people.. a holiday based around eating. THE BEST. I do love Christmas though, so I can’t complain 😉



3. I know I just posted about these, but I seriously am obsessed right now. Did I mention that the cookie dough has full chocolate chips? I may or may not be spooning those out randomly throughout the day… oops.



4. Have you guys heard of the Victoria’s Secret perfect body campaign? Well, the awesome people at LedBetter Inc. have started a #iamperfectlyimperfect campaign and I love it. Check out the hashtag on Facebook and instagram.. So amazing to hear everyone’s stories. I love everything about the movement! “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalms 139:14



5. On that note….


6. I gave my training website a little makeover.. check it out! I’m also considering doing online training. I had to put it on the back burner because I had no time, but I will have more in the next week or so. Hmmm.. would anyone be interested?

Oh, and this picture from my photoshoot cracks me up. It looks like I’m constipated or something hahaha I was probably thinking “WTF I never do abs hurry up and shoot”. Yup.



7. Aaaaand lets finish off with a little humor. I died when I saw this. I can’t even.




What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

I wait till after Thanksgiving!

    1. A nut butter filled with cookie dough? That sounds way too good to be true! Favorite halloween candy will always be reeses pb pumpkins.

    1. OMG I love this instagram hashtag. I hadn’t seen it yet and its just perfect. I can’t EVER take photo of ab work without looking like I’m trying to pass gas, I’ve stopped trying it’s weird. That how to even ebook is hilarious.

    1. Since our Thanksgiving in Canada is in October, I literally prep for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over! I feel it’s fair enough.
      But, when I’m at my Mom’s she usually makes us wait until after American Thanksgiving.
      Favorite Halloween candy of all time will always be Reeses PB cups. I’m with you on that one!

    1. Very good inspirational quote right there about confidence. Also, I TOTALLY agree about skipping Thanksgiving! It is wrong! I get tired of Thanksgiving getting pushed to the side more each and every year. It’s almost as if Black Friday has become the new holiday…Thanksgiving should be about food and family and we should be grateful and thankful for both. 🙂 Those nut butters…I want the cookie dough so bad.

    1. It literally drives me nuts people dismiss Thanksgiving! As soon as Halloween is over it’s like “time to put up a Christmas tree!” Who does that?? Nooooo Christmas stuff for me untilo the day after Thanksgiving. Actually, it’s usually after that too since I’m typically nursing a food coma for a few days… 😉

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