The Time I Got Published in a Magazine

June 18, 2015

Hey friends, happy Thursday! I was going to do a WIAW post yesterday, but I completely failed at taking photos of my meals yesterday. What else is new.

No, but really. My memory can be super short-term sometimes. Oh well! I figured I’d join in on the Thinking Out Loud party that the lovely Amanda hosts.



1. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I’m studying for my ACE group fitness certification!



My NASM CPT cert expires in January, and to keep it going you need at least 2 CEU’s to get it renewed. Since my degree is in Health Education, in most of the job/internships you must teach group fitness as part of the gig. So after getting some advice from Paige, I just went for it. I’m trying to study and take the test in just a couple of weeks before summer classes start. Which is like 1.5 weeks away. Oof. Wish me luck!

2. Speaking of Paige, she sent me a box of Kind goodies!!! How sweet was that? There was actually more, but I ate some before remembering to take a picture.

I knew I already loved Kind products, but I had no idea they made savory bars! They are AMAZING. Go buy – stat. I’m obsessed with BBQ flavors things lately.

3. Speaking of BBQ (are all of my points related to one another?) the world peas snacks that I showed you guys before, are amazing salad toppers. No idea if I already said that, but seriously, the bbq bag is already gone. DONE. I demolished it.

I’m all about the crunch factor.

4. I never thought I would be, but I’m obsessed with self tanner. Seriously, it’s like your own spray tan in a bottle, and it actually looks NATURAL. I’m all about that sunless tan ever since my dad was diagnosed with melanoma.

I use this little mitten and just put 2 coats on. Wait for 8 hours and voila! This is the tanner I use, I think I’ve mentioned it before. “brit10” can be used for 10% off if you want a discount! She has personally spray tanned me before, and it’s literally the same mixture. Genius.

5. I actually did go to the beach the other weekend though – sunscreen was used, no worries! It was legit my first time in YEARS that I went. Yes, I live in Florida. However, it’s just way too hot to go to the beach in the summer. I usually can only deal with it in the “winter”.


6. I actually baked the other day. I haven’t had time to do so in SO long and have been relying on quest and combat crunch bars. I missed baking!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.44.01 AM

7. Last but not least, I got published in a magazine!!!! Someone pinch me.


Also, someone told me I should play a vampire role sometime in my life. Made my day.

Have a great rest of the week!!


Any tips for the ACE certification test? How long did it take you to study?

Beach or mountains?

I honestly could care less about the beach. The mountains are calling me!

Have you tried savory bars?

    1. Congratulations on being in a magazine! That’s so amazing 🙂 I’m definitely more of a mountains person as well..I like the beach and water but they get boring after a while! I do love water sports and activities I’ll take a mountain with a lake 🙂

    1. Yay! Congrats dear! Such a beauty! Haha I will always cherish my one published print modeling job when I was younger! It was in a to magazine, but it was for Crayola (workin’ with the big ones…hahaha!) “playing” with this reuseable sticker set (that was photoshopped in). But the shoot was so much fun!

      1. Thanks love!!! hahah that’s awesome!

    1. Omg congrats, girl! You look freaking gorgeous, and I could totally see you pulling off the vamp look 😀 And I hear ya on the sunless tanner. I just don’t have the patience to lay out, and the sun and heat totally zap me of all my energy, so I do it the convenient way.

      1. Thank you love! hahaha a girl can dream 😉

    1. AHH YAY!!! Supermodel. Can I have your autograph? I love the beach and the mountains but the beach totally depends where. The beach in Hawaii I will choose over anything but other beaches are just okay. You should go to Lake Tahoe if you like the mountains…fave place ever.

      1. hahahaha of course!!! 😉 omg. I am DYING to go to Tahoe. I wanted to go when I was in northern cali last summer but I went to Yosemite instead and didn’t have time for both!

    1. I need to get back on my baking game… I just have such a hard time turning on the oven when it’s so hot and humid outside. I’m a total beach girl at heart.. I’d spend every day there if I could ! : )

      1. So true. I start sweating the second I turn it on haha!

    1. Congrats on the magazine publish… that is huge!! I love self tanner because it is an easy way to get the summer glow without needing to regularly be in the sun. I love the beach and am counting down the days for my little getaway with my husband next week in Palm Beach!

      1. Thanks so much!!! Woo in my neighborhood! Have fun!

    1. Congrats on being published in a magazine! I also love self-tanners because I just can’t stand lying in the sun for more than half an hour at a time… Although I did manage to get some tan on my holiday. Except that now I’m all about keeping that tan with a self-tanning lotion such as Melvita’s… Best ingredients and fragrance ever! 😀

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