The Female Perspective Podcast - Brittany Lesser

The Female Perspective Podcast

Welcome to the Female Perspective Podcast. This is a passion project between myself and my co-host, Kash. We wanted to create a podcast that would educate, provide intelligent discussion, and make you all think. We didn’t want to do the typical health and fitness only type of podcast, but instead, we wanted to talk about a wide-variety of topics and societal issues. Topics include body image, health, nutrition, competing, sexuality, sex, relationships, feminism, and so much more. All of this from our perspective, two females. There will also be many male and female guests on the show, so this podcast is for people of all types and genders! We hope you love, learn, and grow with us.


Britt and Kash

Episode 1: Introduction

“Welcome to the Female Perspective! Where we talk about a wide variety of topics from the perspective of your hots, Britt and Kash, as well as a ton of amazing male and female guests. We hope you love this podcast as much as we do <3”


Episode 2: Body Image

“In this podcast we discuss body image – our thoughts, experiences, struggles of body image in the fitness industry, and how to change your perspective on your own body image.”

Episode 3: Why You Lost Your Period and How to Get it Back

“In this podcast, I talk all about losing your period. Unfortunately, the fitness industry almost normalizes this and this is NOT okay. I go over why it’s not okay to lose your period, why some of the reasons may be that you lost it, and how to get it back naturally. Remember, this is all helpful as long as there is no underlying & more serious medical issue. I am not a doctor, I simply explain my experience.”

Episode 4: Fitness Social Media from a Male Influencers Perspective

“In this podcast, we talk about fitness social media and the industry from a male influencers perspective (as opposed to the struggles is women may face). We talk about struggles men may go through, insecurity, pressure, body image, steroid accusations, and much more.”

Episode 5: Boundary Setting 

“In this week’s podcast I am joined by Maggie Whiteley, personal development life coach, therapist and teacher. We will be discussing boundaries and boundary setting. The aim of this episode is to help you identify your own personal boundaries and those of others and to guide you in communicating them effectively to support growth in both your personal and professional relationship.”

Episode 6: Showing Your Body

“In this podcast, we address a listeners request! This topic is about her facing judgment for showing her body. She feels she is unable to share or take pride in her progress without her body being overly sexualized and it reflecting poorly on her character, as if it detracts from her intelligence and respectability. We can 100% identify with this topic and always really enjoy discussing listener topic requests!”

Episode 7: Lets Talk About Sex

“In this podcast, we talk about SEX! A listener reached out to us and requested this topic. She said she grew up in a religious household where sex was almost looked down upon, or in a negative light. This has caused her to be scared of it in a way, so she wanted to hear our perspective on it. We discuss how the media portrays it, when you know you’re ready, and how it affects your life.”

Episode 8: How to Get Started in A Fit Lifestyle 

“In this podcast, we discuss how to get started in a fit lifestyle. We go over the simple steps you can take in order to make it a completely lifestyle change instead of just a short-term fix.”

Episode 9: Being A Mother

“Brittany here 🙂 In this podcast, I’m joined by a very special guest… my best friend, my hero, my mother! We talk about what it’s like to be a mother, which we thought would be extra fun since I’m currently pregnant. Specifically, we discuss if she felt any different in parenting my brother vs. me. We talk about some of the concerns I personally would have and focus on more if I had a daughter instead of a son. We also go over her thoughts and feelings on me being somewhat in the public eye and being very open about my life, my body, and more online. “

Episode 10: Sex Before Marriage

“In this podcast, we got another topic request (which we LOVE by the way, so keep em coming)! The listener asked “I recently moved in with my boyfriend and my parents don’t approve – I’m 27. This could be a topic on old school parents views on things like sex before marriage, children before marriage, and living together before marriage. Maybe some ideas on how to deal with it and what to do.”

Episode 11: What We Expect From Social Influencers and Public Shaming 

“In this episode, I am joined by the lovely Kendall Reed. Kendall is the founder of She Matters Movement and is also involved in the social media world. She provokes discussion about important issues such as mental health, physical health, body image, and many other social issues. She is a very eloquent speaker and always has great things to say. We discuss what we expect from social influencers, in regards to using their platforms to speak up about important social issues. We also discuss callout culture and public shaming, mostly geared towards those influencers. Callout culture is basically how it’s common for people to “callout” problematic behavior that these influencers may be knowingly or unknowingly participating in.”

Episode 12: All About Women’s Health

Today’s special guest is Justin Janoska. He is a clinical nutritionist who specializes in women’s health and autoimmune diseases. Justin is a wealth of knowledge and knows his science. He spreads scientific facts and information on his own social media channels and focuses on health, happiness, and making fitness enhance your life.

In this podcast, we discuss women’s health. Various topics under this umbrella which include hormones, amenorrhea, PCOS, being too strict and rigid, safe and effective fat loss, mental health and stress, birth control, and more.