Thanksgiving Recap

November 28, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate lots of yummy food! I know I sure did, and I ate a little bit of everything. Not a single macro was counted again yesterday, and I had no idea the calorie count or macro count in the food. No regrets, no guilt, no food anxiety. That’s how a holiday should be!

I figured I’d do a little recap of the day, because who gets sick of seeing pictures of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pie? I’m certainly NOT going black Friday shopping today, nobody got time or patience for that! I’m just relaxing, studying for finals, working out, and starting my first day at my new job.

So, onto Thanksgiving..




Started my day with coffee, duh. I bought this creamer the other day because I wanted to spruce up my usual almond milk coffee, and mmmm it’s good. Yeah, chemicals blah blah. I only use about a tablespoon, and it’s just enough!

I then went to the gym, which was VERY crowded, and I killed my legs.



This is such a high-quality photo, I know. Don’t walk and take pictures.. I went to an early movie to see the hunger games! The theater was empty, and the tickets were so much cheaper. Best time to go to the movies apparently. I loved the movie though. Obviously it wasn’t as action packed as the other ones, but that’s just how this book was.


Came back and decided to pre-game dinner LOL. It was my mom’s idea, and I was all in. Wild animals I tell ya. We had a glass of white while getting ready for dinner.


Bentley just wanted turkey. Yes, this is a snapchat. You can add me if you want! My name is just my full name “brittanylesser” on there.




Finally looked presentable and we were on our way to the FOOOOOD. I was starving and it was only like 4:30 pm. For some odd reason, I didn’t have much of an appetite all day. WHO AM I?! I think I’m getting sick, but luckily my appetite was in full-force by dinner time. We went over to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner, and we just brought some of the side dishes.



More wine was consumed… may have had 2-3 glasses last night. Ooops.



YESSSS. I took a bit of everything – turkey, ham, veggies, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. I went back for more turkey and ham, mhmmmm.



Last but not least, you can’t have thanksgiving dinner without pie. Oh lord, this was good. I am too indecisive so I took a little bit of 3 types of pie, and a bit of cool whip. Apple crumb, pecan, and pumpkin. The pecan was my personal favorite! So good. I left with a fulllll tummy, and no regrets whatsoever.

And now starts the countdown till Christmas!


What was your favorite part about yesterday?

What dessert did you eat?

      1. Good to hear girl! What do you mean by “safe” though?

    1. So glad to see you had an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope you can extend the relaxation and keep the studying part to a minimum today.
      Awwwr, I wouldn’t mind snapchat pictures of Bentley all day every day. Not offending you but he wins major cuteness points ;).
      We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’ll be the boring working girl saying the best part about yesterday was a press conference I attended. I’m not even kidding – it was awesome.

      1. OMG YESSSS lets be best friends.. I’ll move to NYC. See you soon 😉 <3

    1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Haha, my boyfriend is slowly getting me more into the use of snapchat. He uses it SO OFTEN, but I’m just starting to get the hang of it. Wasn’t the Hunger Games movie great?! I loved it. My favorite dessert so far this Thanksgiving has been a homemade chocolate pie I tried at a friendsgiving made by a good friend of mine. But I’m looking forward to my own homemade spiced bourbon apple pie I’m making tomorrow for my family’s belated Thanksgiving. I just love pie!

      1. Haha I’m obsessed with snapchat! I loved it as well. Mmmm pie!

    1. Love your IG page and can I just say you are insanely gorgeous? Like my eyeballs hurt. Not fair 😉 Just wondering did you eat at all the rest of the day…? Im not claiming you did or didn’t but you seem level headed and would know that you shouldn’t “save up” calories or whatever else some (uneducated) people say! Just wondering. Loving the blog though!

      1. Thank you!!! <3 Oh my goodness, of course I ate the rest of the day LOL I can barely go without food for three hours. I know people do that - not eat all day for a meal - but I could never ha!

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