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Thank You, Body.

I sit here and look at my pregnant body and get disappointed…. Disappointed in myself for treating this body so badly for so many years. All it has ever done for me was love me and try to keep me alive. There were times that I wasn’t nourishing it properly and not feeding it. Times where I pushed it past it’s limits with exercise and ran it into the ground. Times where I looked in the mirror and picked apart...

Five Tips to Help Increase Your Self-Acceptance

One of my soul sisters and I usually share our daily devotionals with one another each morning, especially if it’s a good one and strikes a chord within ourselves. I figured I would share mine from this morning about Self Acceptance, because I feel like so many of us can relate – regardless if you are religious or not. “You may not think highly of yourself, but God wants you to like who you are. “ Here are 5 tips...