How To Build Lean Muscle

When people say they want to build "lean muscle" or they are going on a "lean bulk" what they are essentially saying is that they are going to build muscle and bulk in a controlled manner. There is just MUSCLE. Not lean, not bulky. It's all the same muscle. Similarly with the word toned - there is no such thing as being "toned". What toned actually means is that the person who you are referring to as "toned", has taken time to build muscle and then also took time to shed the fat to reveal that muscle. On the opposite side of the spectrum is what we call a "dirty bulk" which in the bodybuilding world simply means to YOLO your diet, eat as much as you can, and just focus on gaining weight and not caring if it's fat or muscle. I personally … [Read more...]

High Volume Leg Routine

I believe I shared on the blog that I haven't been able to work legs very much due to a pinched nerve. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm back in action! I completed a leg workout with my bestie, Sarah, yesterday and felt amazing the entire time. I didn't go 1 rep max status, but I felt good during all the workouts we did, even squats. I'm still taking time off from deadlifting since that's probably what caused the pinched nerve to begin with. Since I didn't want to go for strength and lift too heavy, we did a higher-volume leg workout. Holy cow, can I just tell you I am DEAD today. You know when you wake up and you try to get out of bed, but then you realize that you really can barely walk or move your legs because of how sore you … [Read more...]

Want a Bigger Booty? Here is the Secret How.

GLUTES. Butts. Booty. It's all the rage these days about how to get a bigger butt, how to grow it, and everyone seems to have a "booty builder" program out for people to buy. I used to be someone who had no butt, but I have managed to grow it a bit recently. A while back, I would constantly try to build my glutes but nothing worked. I did all the exercises, squats, isolation, etc. but nothing really worked and my butt stayed the same size. Sure, it was shapely and perky, but that didn't help in the area of actually growing it bigger. However, there is one thing that I did not do back then that I have done now that truly has helped me grow my glutes. The secret? I gained weight. This is about a 15 lb difference between these … [Read more...]

Leg/Glute Workout

My absolute favorite day of the week... LEG DAY! You either dread this day, or you look forward to it. I'm one of the weird ones that looks forward to it - usually. Well today I woke up ready to kick my ass, and that I did! I actually wrote down my entire workout so I could share it with you all. I always switch it up - either a heavy day with lower reps and more rest, a lower weight ploy day, supersets, no supersets, quad focus, ham and flute focus, all over, etc. I've never done the same exact workout twice. Today I did a mix of heavy, plyos, and lighter. I was kind of all over the place and I liked it.   I always rest as little time as possible. Literally, just until I catch my breath. This keeps my heart … [Read more...]