Start of Competition Prep

July 20, 2014

It’s finally here, day 1 of competition prep! My competition isn’t until November 15th, so it may seem like I’m starting super early, but that’s the best way to do it in my opinion.

Like I stated before, I am doing this the healthiest way possible. I would never ruin my metabolism or go to serious extremes just to step on a stage half naked in a bikini for one day.

Competing is going to be hard. I know it is, and it’s definitely a challenge I am ready for! BUT, you also want to do it slow and steady so that you don’t harm yourself along the way. You know those girls who gain 20+ pounds just the few days after their competition? Yeah, that won’t be me. No foods are off limits. I’m following flexible dieting the entire way – counting macros meticulously, but allowing myself to eat what I want. That works for me.

I’ve also started a YouTube channel! I want to share as much as this prep as possible, so what better way to get more personal? Subscribe if you want to laugh at my awkwardness on camera and follow my journey to the stage!

I haven’t posted in a while, or updated anything I’ve been doing. I’ve been working 45+ hours, waking up at 440 am, working from 6-11, onto my second job from 12-4 and sometimes 5, gym, prep for the next day, shower, and pass out. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time for other things lately. My hours are getting cut back a bit, especially since I go back to school full time in August. I’m actually excited – who am I?

Anyway! I figured I could share some meals. I’ve been sitting at maintenance calories for a few weeks when I started working with my coach, and now I’m officially starting contest prep. Still eating foods I love though, and only doing 2 HIIT cardio sessions a week. Bliss. Since cardio sucks 😉

I’ve been seeing this blendicano allll over instagram, so I finally tried it yesterday. Guys. I LOVE. I’ll need to control myself and not buy it ever day, or I will be broke.



  • 4 shots espresso (I did half decaf)
  • 2-4 pumps sugar free caramel or vanilla syrup
  • Venti scoop of ice
  • Bended

I added my own sweetener afterwards. It’s kind of like a frap, but not exactly and it’s macro free. Heck yeah.


This was a huge plate of deliciousness. Chicken, avocado, turnip “fries” that I prepped before (turnips cut and baked in olive oil), brussel sprouts, butternut and acorn squash all sautéed in coconut oil. YUM.



Protein waffles topped with banana and pb2.




A typical breakfast for me since it’s fast and easy! Veggie egg white omelet with ketchup, oats topped with two types of nut butter because I’m indecisive, and coffee.




Also love making burritos, although I can NEVER eat them neatly.

Aaaaand that’s about it! Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them 🙂


What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Favorite Starbucks order?


    1. I love protein waffles and pancakes for breakfast if I have time! Otherwise it’s overnight oats or a smoothie. Your waffles with PB2 look delicious!

    1. So excited to follow your journey girl!! You’re going to rock this challenge.

      My breakfast always contain eggs – if in form of omelettes, with oats, pancakes or scrambles – I don’t mind!

    1. I am seriously so excited for you. Also so excited for the youtube channel. And long prep all the way. I used to get blended iced coffees all the time, but blendicanos are obviously much cooler. Plus they have their own hashtag. Cardio is gross, I’m glad you get to do minimal HIIT :-).

      1. Thanks love!!! Heck yeah, screw cardrio hahaha

    1. How exciting! I’ve been seeing the Blendicano all over IG too, but Starbucks in the UK is very different to in the US: my go-to “dieting” drink is an iced americano with sugar-free hazelnut syrup, and they get confused even doing that! I usually have to repeat my order at least three times every time. I think this would be well out of their depth haha

      1. Hahaha the girl looked at me like I was nuts!

    1. Girl I don’t know how you do those hours! More power to ya. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress since you’re not cutting out foods and sticking to less cardio. Also, I almost always have 3 types of nut butters on my oats.. they’re just too good! Haha 🙂 Good luck!

      1. I don’t know either, I had to quit my morning job haha! YES thank you!

    1. I am SO super excited for you!! If you need any guidance let me know 😀 It will be such a fulfilling experience and you’re prepping the RIGHT WAY. Respect that bod, girl 🙂


      1. I seriously will!!!! I’ll email you girl, thank you! <3 I sure will love ya

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