Skoop B-Strong Plant Protein + Giveaway {CLOSED}

August 1, 2014

I got the opportunity to try out Skoop Plant Protein Powder, so I have a review for you guys! I use plant protein all the time, because my tummy can’t really handle whey. I consume whey sometimes, specifically in the form of quest/protein bars, but then I know I’ll usually suffer a bit. Needless to say, protein powder is something I don’t think it’s worth the aftermath, so I stick with plant protein. I’m always on the lookout for new powders, because although I’d rather eat my food, I do like to make protein bars, pancakes, waffles, muffins, and I like to use it in a pinch.

I was sent the viva-vanilla flavor, and the bag immediately caught my eye with all of the fun information about all it has to offer. Some facts about B-Strong:

  • B-Strong contains 160 calories, 16 g of protein, and 6 g of fiber. It can be used as a snack, post-workout treat, or meal replacement.
  • B-Strong is a plant-based protein powder that promotes a three-stage process to help your body absorb nutrients, build muscle, and recover quickly.
  • B-Strong contains prebiotics that promote a happy belly and help the gut absorb macro and phytonutrients throughout your day.
  • It is a complete protein, which means it has all the essential amino acids that promote the growth of lean muscle tissue! <—This is awesome.

I like that the ingredients are wholesome, and they also include vitamins, minerals, omegas, prebiotics, and even mediterranean fruits. Never seen that in a protein powder before!
The only thing that some people may not like about this, is the macros. I’ve never seen a protein powder that has more carbs than protein. I know a lot of people look for that high protein content in a powder, so it is something to keep in mind! I usually have a good amount of carbs post workout, so it works fine for me.
And the full ingredient list is as shown above. A ton of good stuff in there!
They also sent me some little boost shots, which reminded me of the extras you can order at jamba juice which I thought was pretty cool. They have a sweet greens, and a chocolate  one, so you can use them in two different types of smoothies.
They have a ton of benefits and good ingredients in them as well, so just some extra nutrients!
  As for the TASTE? Which is the most impotent after all. I’d give it an A+ ! I loved the texture and the taste. It wasn’t chalky AT ALL and didn’t taste like dirt or grass, which you often find with plant-based proteins. Win! It also had a lighter consistency to it, similar to whey, whereas plant proteins are usually super dry and dense. I absolutely loved it. If you want to know more about Skoop, you can check out their website, twitter, instagram, and blog! Now, want to win a bag of your own?! The winner will receive a 30 serving bag as well as a blender bottle. Heck yes!

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to use protein powder.
  • “Like” healthy skoop’s Facebook page and follow them on twitter.

That’s it! I’ll keep the giveaway open until next Thursday, August 7th.


Congrats to Paige C. who said:

Paige c
I use protein powder in smoothies and to flavor my plain Greek yogurt most often!

    1. I love Skoop! I’ve tried the both flavors of A Game, but not the protein yet!
      I use my plant proteins every night in my frosty protein milks I make in my single serve blender cup. Just almond milk, ice, water, and PROTEIN!

    1. I used to get all crazy with protein powder but now I just enjoy an ice cold shaker bottle of coconut or flax milk and shakeology or plant protein. I would LOVE to try this kind – esp since I have never heard of it!!!!! 🙂

    1. I love to use protein powder to make big healthy “milkshakes”

    1. I use protein powder in smoothies and to flavor my plain Greek yogurt most often!

    1. It sounds really weird but I love to make protein cereal with my protein powder, some puffins cereal, and almond milk! It’s so good! Or just in protein shakes

    1. Carbs are IMPORTANT post workout, so holler at this!!

      ..what if I like to eat dirt and grass…

      Haha kidding. I liked em. I like you. And my fave way to eat protein is in protein ice cream right now. So seasonal, yo! Enter me byeee

    1. I love using protein powder in baked goods. My faves are mugcakes and waffles 🙂

    1. I like to put a scoop of protein in with yogurt. I liked their Facebook page. I like the a game and would love to try their protein!

    1. My favorite way to use protein powder is in the form of baking. I always add it to my muffins, breads, desserts, and even savory items! I recently was testing out making hummus with cauliflower instead of chickpeas and added 1/2 a scoop of protein powder to make it more “grainy” and it came out perfect! I love how versitle this stuff can be! Liked on facebook and twitter!

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