Shoulder, Abs, and Cardio Circuit

March 29, 2014

So, I totally kicked my own butt this morning. I woke up, decided I wanted to do shoulders and cardio, but I didn’t want to run or anything like that. Ew.


Just kidding… I like running.. sometimes. Oh, how times have changed. Anywhooo…

I went in and really just winged this workout, but it ended up being freakin awesome. I was out of breath, my heart rate stayed super high the entire time, I felt the weight lifting pump/burn that I love, but I also got those cardio endorphins. Juuuust how I like it!



That shoulder pump – THE BEST.

My favorite way to do cardio is to feel like you’re not doing cardio. Ya feel me? Running on a treadmill has it’s time and place, but sometimes I don’t want to feel like a hamster. I want to feel like a beast.

This workout is definitely challenging, but it probably looks harder written down. If you want a challenge, give it a shot! You will be dripping sweat, out of breath, and maybe dying a little… but that’s a good thing 😉

pin workout


Breakdown of the workout…

Complete each exercise one after the other with NO REST until you complete 4 rounds. Then you can rest and move onto the next round.

I had to go a bit lighter on my lifting with this since it’s higher intensity, but I still tried to challenge myself. I was probably lifting 5 lbs less than I normally do.

My advice would be pick a weight that’s challenging where you can complete 6-8 reps, then drop to a lighter weight and pump out the rest!

Let me know if you try it 🙂


    1. “I don’t want to feel like I hamster. I want to feel like a beast.” LOVE this haha! Literally laughed out loud! Get it girl! That shoulder pump looks awesome and you look fabulous as always :). Thanks for sharing a great workout! Pinning it to Pinterest 🙂

      1. Hahahaha nobody got time for being a hamster! 😉

    1. Loved this workout! I’m 52 years old and still in fairly good shape. Trying to get my weight down right now but can still kill it in the gym. While I was doing this work out today an older woman walked up to me and told me how she loves to watch my “interesting workouts” and how sculpted I look!

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