September Blogging Challenge – Goals + Accomplishment

September 3, 2014


I saw this blogging challenge on Gracie’s Blog and decided to hop in on it! I loved doing these on instagram back in the day, so this should be fun. I also have been wanting to post more often but have been putting it off because I’m busy, tired, blah blah blah.

Since we’re already into the 3rd day, I’ll double up today’s and tomorrow’s topics.

September Goals

I usually never set monthly goals, but thinking about it now, I really like the idea of it.

  • The main one I set for myself a few weeks ago was to blog more often. So, here I am!
  • Reduce my stress. With work, training, and school full-time I tend to get stressed fairly easily, so that’s something I want to work on.
  • Sleep earlier without dilly dally-ing on my phone. I get into bed and stay on my phone for like an hour. Then I can’t fall asleep. Then I’m tired the next day, and the cycle continues haha.
  • Make a grocery budget. Something I spend a LOT of money on without giving much thought. If I spend my money on something, it will be food. But I really need to budget myself or I’ll continue to buy things I don’t need and let other things go bad.


This is a screen shot from my phone, classy. BUT I’m super excited to be aligned with 1st Phorm! They are an awesome supplement company and I love what they stand for. Not just about being the most ripped person in the fitness industry or with the most followers, but someone who inspires others and is REAL.




I have my own website  ——-> <——- and if you order anything you get FREE shipping – only on my site!

So yeah, shameless plug.

I feel as if I’m finally on the right path in my life. I changed colleges a few times, changed majors about a million, had a bunch of unfortunate crap happen to me in the past few years, and just felt lost for so long.

Now I’m back at my favorite college online (University of Florida), training for my first bikini competition, my perspective have changed, and within just a few months I’ve become affiliated with Angel Competition Bikini’s and 1st Phorm. I can’t wait for what the future holds for me, and it all feels right. That’s why I’m so proud of these accomplishments.


What are you proud of lately?

Are you going to join the challenge?


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