Scenes from Chicago

November 24, 2014

Well, I’m certainly sad about being back in Florida. I started sweating the second I stepped outside.. so much different from the weather in Chicago! It was super cold the first day but beautiful (27 and sunny), and then it was rainy and warmer the rest of the weekend.

I absolutely LOVED the city though, and I knew I would since I’m obsessed with New York! I enjoyed the heck out of myself in regards to food, but that will be another post I’ll save for Wednesday.

Here are some shots from the weekend!


This is the view from my best friends apartment! She wants me to move in with her… and I’m HIGHLY considering it 😉





The bean!






My friend Brittany (on the right) bought a selfie stick. BEST.INVENTION.EVER.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So beautiful!!!





I just love being in a city.



I finally got to meet up with Sarah!!! We “met” on instagram, and we finally got to meet up!!! She was so freaking sweet and we had a blast catching up and partying together.




All the girlsss!




I also had a photoshoot on Friday and I am so happy with how the images turned out! I worked with two amaaaazing photographers, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the images. This was shot by Trevor Brody, and we did a couple different types of shots including fitness, lifestyle, fashion, etc.




There was a light fest and holiday parade! It was right on the street of our hotel, and it definitely got me into the holiday spirit.







I went up to the sky deck and it was AWESOME. Although unfortunately, it was super cloudy so there wasn’t much visibility it was still freaking cool.

Wayyyyy too many pictures later, obviously I had the best time and can’t wait to go back!


Have you ever been to Chicago?

Do you like cities?

    1. How fun! The hubby has been trying to get me to go to Chicago. I suppose I’ll get there one of these days. 🙂 I’m just in it for the pizza. Ha!

      Your hair looks great, BTW. I like it brown, not that blonde is bad, and not that you asked… but just sayin. 😉

      1. YESSSS go for the pizza!!! Haha. Thank you so much!!!

    1. So sad that I didn’t get the chance to meet you! But I wouldn’t have been the best company, anyway, as I was getting over a bug that hit Tuesday. Still, really happy that you had such a great time in the city–and that you got to do so many different things! Don’t be a stranger for long!

      1. OMG girl I completely forgot to DM or email you!!!! ahhhh! I will for sure be back though since my best friend lives there, so we will meet up next time!

    1. Never been to Chicago before, but it’s definitely on my bucket list! And when it comes to big cities… I like to visit them, but I’m not sure I could ever live in one. Traffic and crowds are the bane of my existence!

    1. Chicago is so prettyyyyyy I want to go there!!
      I’ve never been and am dying to get the chance to go! Hopefully one day!

    1. Ahhh I’m glad you loved it! Looks like you did all the major stuff and had an excellent time with friends – so great! Love it here <3 (though today's winds have been KILLER)

    1. Chicago seems really nice, I hope I’ll visit some day!
      Selfie sticks ate the most ridiculous things in the world!

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