Remember Why You Started

December 15, 2014

One thing about competition prep I wasn’t fond of was the fact that I felt weaker in the gym. Okay, I hated it. My lifts stayed pretty strong in the beginning, but as the weeks went on and my calories continued to drop, I felt weaker and couldn’t lift as heavy and I used to. That is very common though when you are in a caloric deficit. Calories = energy, which means more food means more strength, and less food means less strength.

Towards the end of my contest prep, I was just going through the motions. To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking forward to working out. I did anyway because nothing, and I mean NOTHING will stand in the way of my and my goals. That’s just how I am, I want to give 150% in everything that I do. But I definitely missed the feeling of true strength, and to really WANTING to workout because I love it. I even struggled with this a few weeks after my competition, I just felt tired, weak, run-down, and just not into it really.

One of the reasons I fell in love with lifting in the first place was because of the way feeling STRONG made me feel. It makes me feel empowered, challenged in a good way, and quite frankly, bad A**! Sure, lifting for aesthetics is a huge part of it. Well, for competing, that’s mostly what it is for – to get your body stage ready. However, lifting is so much more to me than simply sculpting my body.

Lifting has become my passion. It has showed me that striving for perfection is ridiculous and unattainable. It has brought me out of hard times physically and mentally. It has become my stress reliever. It has become the “me” time I look forward to everyday. It has become my lifestyle. It has become a way for me to express myself. It has challenged me, and allowed me to set goals for myself.  It has allowed me to find a way to help and inspire people on a large scale. It has showed me the importance of constantly trying to grow and better myself in every aspect of life. It has made me into the person I am today.

After a taper week, I was back at it this Monday feeling better than ever. I finally felt like myself in the gym, and my strength started to come back. It reminded me why I started to lift in the first place. I live for this, and I absolutely love it.

Remember why YOU started.


    1. Great post–and an important reminder that you have to find what speaks to you, what makes you feel invincible, not what makes someone else feel invincible. Lifting used to make me feel incredible, but for whatever reason, right now it isn’t speaking to me. So I am letting it “rest” and using it in a way that allows me to work towards my goals (in the running realm) without forcing it. And when I get to the gym, and may or may not feel dialed in, I remember that right now? The overall strength isn’t what is important, the work is, and as long as I put the work in, the strength will come.
      I say remember why you started, but choose your battles!

      1. Yes, exactly!!! do what you feel is best for you at the moment!

    1. I remember this feeling during prep…feeling like you show up at the gym and are just going through the motions. It feels amazing to be excited again to get to the gym and hit the weights. Glad you are feeling strong again!!

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