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Last time I posted, I was a blonde… and now:



I’m a brunette! It feels like I’m wearing a wig.. I’ve been brown before, but I’m just not used to it yet. My hair stylist messed up my hair last week with the red and it turned pink, the blonde got washed out and faded, and it just looked awful. I had no other choice, really. Thankfully I like changing my hair anyway!



Can you tell I’m still really excited for my trip? LOL make sure to follow me on instagram because ya’ll know I’ll be blowing it up. I never say ya’ll in real life, it just sounded good with the sentence. Maybe I’ll start… Ok, too much coffee this morning.

Anyway, since it’s Wednesday, how about some of my recent eats? Make sure you link up over at Jenn’s blog!



Ok, I don’t have a baby obviously, and I’m not 2-years-old (maybe), but these are good. When I was nannying, I would give these to the baby to eat and of course I had to try them myself. I loved them, so I bought them. Who says adults can’t eat baby food?




Halloween Joe Joe’s.. so good. I had some with pumpkin yogurt and cereal. Tis the season for reverse dieting.



I eat eggs at least once a day, and I switch up my carb source that I eat with them. Lately, it has been Kashi blueberry waffles mmm.



Quest Nutrition Protein Chips BBQ — 8 1.125oz Bags

WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO TRY THESE. I heard the BBQ was the best flavor, and I was definitely a fan. It obviously didn’t taste exactly like the real thing because they’re not fried in oil or whatever, but it is pretty darn good.






Spaghetti squash, canned tomatoes, broccoli, turkey burger, avocado, and goat cheese. Perfect combo.






My faaaavorite night time snack lately. I used Cait’s recipe for her brownie batter waffles and made it into a single pancake. YUUUMMM, this recipe is legit guys. Topped it with almondΒ and flax & chia peanut butter, because I like variety πŸ™‚


Have you tried the quest chips? Favorite flavor?

What is something you eat at least once a day?

Nut butter, eggs, sweet potato/kabocha. Those are my maaaains.


  1. Loving the brown hair! You pull it off so well. I literally just got a shipment from Quest this afternoon. Dying to get home and try out those bbq chips.

  2. I love you as a brunette! Adorable!!!
    And those cookies look amazing!!

  3. Love the dark hair on you! Eggs and almond butter are two of my daily staples.

  4. LOVE the quest protein chips! I like you as a brunette, but I am more partial to the blonde. But you can work either πŸ˜€

  5. Your hair looks great. I’m thinking about dying my hair a shade of strawberry blonde, so it has some red in it. I’m just so paranoid that a hair dresser is going to mess up my hair and I’ll be permanently scarred for life.

    • says:

      Thank you!! That’s actually what I told my stylist the last time (that I wanted strawberry blonde), and she completely messed it up and it turned an ugly pink/red/washed out blonde color. Hence why I had to dye it brown πŸ™

  6. For the record, I think you look -amazing- as a brunette. Not that you didn’t look amazing as a blonde, but I have a thing for dark hair πŸ˜‰

  7. I think I like the cheddar&sour cream quest chips most. I’m not a big fan of the BBQ flavour, and the cheesy ones definitively taste more interesting than the sea salt ones;-)
    I eat eggs everyday, mostly for breakfast. I love big omelettes with a lot of stuffing! I always change it up, use different seasonings etc to keep it interesting and yummy! (today I had a curry turmeric omelette, yum!) I also eat at least one carrot every day, and quark (which is like Greek yogurt). Oh, and flax seeds! Good for omega3 FA and fiber πŸ™‚

  8. Sometimes baby/toddler food is the best finds!
    I gave nut butter every day…..every day!

  9. Blonde or brunette, you still hella pretty girl!
    Mm nut butter on the daily πŸ™‚ Spinach, bananas, and chocolate are frequent components of my diet too

  10. Hi Brittany! Oh I was so confused with the brown hair, but I like it! I eat eggs, Greek yogurt, bananas, oats, almond milk, basically every single day. And I’ll be having a very similar meal as you tonight, with turkey burger on top of spaghetti squash and other mixed veggies. Happy Wednesday to you!

    • says:

      Haha! so different, right? I feel like I’m wearing a wig sometimes. Thank you! Those are my staples as well πŸ˜€

  11. Blonde or brunnette I am still jealous!! So so gorgeous! Eggs are a must for me too! I also love having trail mix as snacks and avocado on toast!

    I am loving that ketchup art! Ha!

  12. I just tried Quest chips for the first time last weekend… I definitely liked them more than I thought I would! They don’t taste all crazy protein-y as I was expecting. Not too shabby!

  13. I still need to try some Quest chips! You just reminded me. The BBQ flavor is top of my list. I say y’all on a regular basis, you should definitely add it to your conversation. But hey, I’m from the South so it’s kinda a thing here…I might be a bit biased. Ha!

    • says:

      I’m from Florida, so it’s kind of the south, but I don’t consider it the south haha!! I like ya’ll, i’ll join ya in saying it πŸ˜‰

  14. I have a box of Halloween Joe-Joe’s stored in my closet….I jumped on them right when I could and now I am hoarding them because Halloween is GONE!

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