Q & A !

March 5, 2015

Hi friends! I want to film and question and answer video for you all, so I’m asking on all of my social media accounts for any and all questions.

You can ask me anything from fitness, nutrition, bikini prep, life, college, ANYTHING!

Ready… GO!



    1. You talked about not being able to work out for a couple of weeks and in an earlier post you also mentioned being up 7lbs post show. Just wondering if you have an idea in mind for your ideal size when you’re not competing or prepping and just living? I know it seems everyone gets down to 24 inch waists when competing, but what about when you’re just being fit for you?

      1. I’m at an ideal size right now 🙂 I’m happy with my body and healthy. I’m not worried about sizes or inches when i’m not prepping, just worried about being happy and healthy! 7 lbs up isn’t a lot, when people gain like 25-30 lbs is when it’s not very good

    1. what are you majoring in/what do you wish to pursue with as a career? 🙂

      1. Health education & behavior is my major, and no idea!!! Lol

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